Getting Started

Please contact us to get started and find out about our OnRamp program and be added to our Waitlist!  


This program consists of instruction and practice of the foundational movements you will utilize often in CrossFit.  They are the building blocks to enable you to complete workouts with power, technique and intensity.

Our OnRamp is a program designed to allow for focused instruction and coaching regardless of fitness level. This benefits the newcomer to integrating into the larger classes after OnRamp and helps set up the new CrossFit athlete for long term success.

We are currently running OnRamp where we are giving new clients three daily class time options to sign up for (schedule below) and introducing new movements with each class. Our coaches teach you each class that you attend the necessary movements and progressions/scaling. Since our group classes are smaller at those times it is easy to spend time teaching you the movements and progressions for that day. You choose what time works for your schedule!

A common question we hear is “Do I have to be in shape to start CrossFit?” The answer is a resounding NO. Regardless of athletic ability, we scale all movements to allow you to master technique, develop range of motion, and build the strength or endurance needed to progress to the full movement or exercise.

As you progress in your training we will incorporate more training and instruction on advanced body-weight and weighted movements. OnRamp movements include weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiorespiratory endurance exercises such as weighted and bodyweight squats and presses, Olympic lifting, Power lifting, plyometric exercises, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing, dumbbells and more.

OnRamp consists of the following:

  • Small group training format in a class structure
  • Must complete their first 6 introductory one hour classes over a one month period (11:30am, 5pm or 6pm class times Mon – Fri for integrated OnRamp instruction) before scheduling other class times.
  • Instruction and coaching on the fundamental movements used in CrossFit
  • We teach, scale, and coach the proper mechanics, technique and standards of movement. We will COACH you and help you learn better movement!
  • Focus on technique and safety before ramping intensity or increasing loads
  • Each class ends with a CrossFit workout that will build upon what you have learned

OnRamp Cost:

Cost: $185 (plus tax) per person


  • OnRamp Classes (1 hr. each) plus remainder of the month free unlimited classes (ends 30 days from start date)

Upon completion of OnRamp and first month you will need to choose between continuing into our daily group classes with either of our monthly memberships: Unlimited or  2x Weekly membership plan (1x week option available). Memberships are month to month, no commitments.

More information about our current class schedule: Class Schedule

3, 2, 1, Go!

  1. Contact SnoRidge Crossfit™ and Sign Up!
  2. Upon confirmation that spots are available you will then Pay for Training at MindBody.
  3. Download and complete our health assessment and liability waiver. (Bring it with you on your 1st OnRamp class)

After joining what should I expect?

We focus on ensuring you are receiving coaching, guidance and instruction in every class so that you can effectively maximize your fitness experience. We foster a fun training atmosphere with workouts that change daily to keep you from getting bored.

Our workouts are made up of movements that are functional and common in everyday life and athletic activities. We program workouts that help you measure your performance, track your progress and deliver results. Workouts are short, intense and fit into anyone’s schedule.

Community! Our gym is friendly, positive, supportive, and dedicated to ensuring everyone is making progress and achieving their fitness goals.

Classes consist of:

  • Structured warm-up
  • Skill specific instruction and coaching on all lifts and movements for the day
  • Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, or Powerlifting sessions typically upfront
  • CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) for conditioning
  • Scaled to all fitness levels and abilities
  • Stretching/Mobility coaching
  • Supportive small group training environment and atmosphere
  • Programmed workout under the supervision of a CrossFit certified trainer