Hollow and Flat

For Time:

1000m Row
50 Hollow Rocks
30 Burpees
50 Romanian Deadlifts (45#/33#)
1000m Row


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Anapurna and the Romanian Deadlift:

Anapurna_Romanian DL

The Romanian Deadlift. This lift is a movement of the hip. Begin in the hang with the barbell or dumbbells.

  1. Stand Tall with a slight bend in the knees; not stiff legs
  2. Push the hips backward first
  3. Lower the weight toward your knees, keeping your hips going back
  4. Flat back, maintain a lumbar curve or at least flat back with tight core muscles
  5. Weight is on the heels and shoulders are back, bar or db’s stay close to the body
  6. Stop before losing your lower back position and when you reach your hamstring range of motion; ideally slightly below the knee
  7. Return to the start position by reversing the movement
  8. Stay in control and don’t rush it

Read “5 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are Killing Your Lower Back” – Stronglifts.com

Hollow Rock with Greg:

Greg_Hollow Rocks

 Rower Fail. Warning! Rowing this way will guarantee that your coach will punch you in the face:



CF Kids and regular class tomorrow at 0930! Advanced RX class at 1045. Be ready to work! Don’t be late!

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