Invasion of The Body Snatch-ers

Strength WOD:

Power Snatch
* Work up to 3RM (3 Rep Max)

Check Out WOD Immediately After:

3 Power Snatch (75#/55#) 
6 Push-Ups
9 Squats


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Snatches! Barbells and Kettlebells! Oh My!

Adriana_Pwr Snatch Jim_Pwr Snatch

Graham_Pwr Snatch Mark_Pwr Snatch

The power snatch builds strength and speed. Start with the barbell in a standard squat stance with arms wide and elbows out. Shoulders should be over the bar. Keep the eyes level and chest up and maintain a tight core. As you stand with the barbell the hips and shoulders should rise together. Send the knees backward as you lift to keep the bar close to the body. This is the first pull. As you pull over the knees begin to close the barbell toward your pockets or thighs while simultaneously speeding up and pushing the hips forward. Keep it close to the body and shrug upwards. Allow the arms to bend and pull up as you extend the knees, hips and ankles into triple extension. Think speed. This is the second pull. Finally, as the bar is reaching its apex begin to pull yourself under the bar and land locked out with the bar behind the ears while in a 1/4 squat. This is the third pull. Stand tall while locked out. 

Got all that? If not click on the above link and watch the videos. One of the most technical lifts, the power snatch is invaluable and efficient in getting a load quickly overhead. From a lifting or CrossFit standpoint, think how much more efficient you can be if you are overhead squatting and can snatch it into position every time you have to pick it up? From a CrossFit Games Sectionals standpoint, think how much you will need this lift on WOD#3 on Saturday!

For outstanding form and execution look no further than Sage Burgener, daughter of Coach Mike Burgener:


Coach Burgener On Power Snatch – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


We wanted to welcome Lena who is a CF’er that dropped in this week while home from Air Force deployment. Thanks for your service and thanks for checking us out! Also Shari from the Torture Chamber in Dupont came in today to learn some power snatches and say hi. We are glad you made the trip up and hoped you learned a little more about an unfamiliar lift.

CF Games WA Sectionals info:

Agenda and times can be found here. For those riding in the RV with Pat meet up on Saturday at 0630 outside the box. We will meet all of you at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds for check-in starting at 0730. 1st WOD is at 0830 and Ladies will go first. 

Competitors! Any questions don’t hesitate to ask Michelle, Moe, or me. We will bring foam rollers, tape, extra ropes, pull-up bands, and anything else we can think of. Bring extra clothes for yourself, snacks, running and lifting shoes (Travis we will bring yours from the box), headphones if you want some tunes between WOD’s and dress in layers for keeping warm between workouts. Get rest, stretch and eat well. 

For those interested in spectating click here for more details and a map to the event. We would love to see any of you who come to watch but there is a $50 fee for both days (should be cheaper for only one day). I do know they aren’t at capacity so likely you can come the day of and pay to get in. 

3-2-1 Game time! Don’t hate the playa hate the game!