5 Rounds of:

400m Run
20 Supine Ring Rows
30 AbMat Sit-ups

* Supine ring rows: Bottom of rings should be at level of box for elevating the feet. No “kip” or saggy hips allowed. Must stay planked through the ring row. Scale either height of box/rings or complete 10 supine rope climbs per round.


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Supine Rows

What makes CrossFit great? Too many things to list. One is the camaraderie. The high five mid-WOD or the simple nod of the head to the other person as you run past. The yell you give to your friend and competitor during the workout to just keep on moving or pick up the bar. This happens everyday in the gym and also in CrossFit competitions.

I judged Becky Clark during the last heat of the 100’s WOD at the NW Regionals and I recall her and Ashleigh Moe during their 100 kettlebell swings saying “keep on going” and “don’t stop” to each other as they were swinging the bells. Here’s two athletes battling to beat one another for the top 3 spots by even one second (and everyone else around them) taking the time to show genuine sportsmanship during the heat of competition itself.

Today I was able to go to Jet City CrossFit in Seattle for a WOD and the same thing happened. Four boxes worth of coaches and athletes got together and did a dueling partner WOD where you try to beat your partner at a max rep workout of 7 different exercises. During each interval everyone was high-fiving each other and giving encouragement to their competition. While the goal was to out-do your partner it was really about a good workout and good times. This is really one of the few sports I have seen where it is expected and normal for the person to immediately finish and begin cheering on the person still working. This is just one of the reasons I am addicted to this crazy cult called CrossFit.

“Camaraderie” from the Southern California Regionals – video [wmv] [mov]

Drop-in at Jet City CF with SRCF, Foundation CF and CF Morristown:

Jet City CrossFit WOD drop in


We sadly said goodbye today to John and Erin S. who are moving across the east coast and leaving the box. They have been with us for awhile and we will miss them. Good luck in Virginia and keep on CrossFitting!

CrossFit Games: “Games Attractions: The Spectator Experience” Only 27 days until EPIC-ation! 

Congrats to Meghann for her 1RM deadlift; she hit 260# for a 35# PR with a small crowd cheering her on:

Meghann DL PR