On the Road Etiquette

Skills WOD:

Ring Dips (Weighted)
5 x 5

* Scale to Strict Ring/Matador Dips or Assisted Dips


10 Rounds for time of:

7 Burpees
7 Knees-to-Elbows


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On the road? It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t squeeze a WOD in. Sure some circumstances may make it virtually impossible to workout, but more often than not it takes some discipline, desire, and maybe a few logistical hurdles to get into an affiliate while you are travelling. If you can’t make it to a gym or affiliate, that also doesn’t mean you can’t do a WOD. First when you are on the go plan ahead by packing some essentials that leave you with little excuse to not use your fitness. Pack the following items for sure: Jump rope, workout clothes and shoes, and a mobility ball. That’s all you really need. Have more room to spare? Throw in your wrist wraps or knee sleeves, and if you are checking a bag then maybe throw in a set of rings (I almost always do). With rings and a little exploring you might find a park or school with goalposts or a fitness trail to hang them for a quick outdoor workout.

As long as you have a rope, a phone, and some space you can easily hit an endless array of bodyweight combos. Look at the left side of our website for “Bodyweight Travel WOD’s” for different ideas. Grab your phone for a timer and get to it. If you brought rings and have a hotel with some dumbbells then get creative and if you can’t follow our gym’s programming then see how you can modify and sub movements/equipment to put together something that will leave you bent over gasping for air while your hotel-mates shake their head at you in horror for actually leaving some sweat behind in the workout room.

If you go to an affiliate then read below for tips on proper etiquette and make the effort to reach out in advance and just go with the flow. Buy a t-shirt if you like the gym. As an affiliate owner, we love that and will waive the drop-in fee for the day if you buy a shirt. If you do that and have a great attitude, they might even waive the fee for additional drop-in’s. That said, expect to pay. No different than going to any other business, you would expect to pay for their service and equipment so don’t assume a drop-in is free. I highly encourage every experienced CrossFitter to take advantage of going to another affiliate or working out where they can while on the road. That keeps you on track with your overall heath and wellness and in the process you might just meet some cool people and have a more memorable trip.

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