"Dirty Thirty"

30 reps each for time of the following:

Box jumps (20″)
Jumping Pull-ups
KB Swings (44#/36#)
Knees to Elbows
Push Press (45#)
GHD Back Extensions
Wallball (20#/14#)
Double-Unders (or 90 Single-Unders)

This is the red-headed stepchild or second cousin to the Filthy Fifty (which we will do at some point). Great effort today from all and especially Curtis and Jim for going prescribed with good form.  Stretch those hamstrings and anywhere else that is tight!  This will leave you sore.

Also welcome to Bridget who started Elements with us today.  If any of you feel like you missed out on the Dirty Thirty we will gladly make sure you get a shot at it soon. 

One last note, the Snoqualmie Railroad Days Run is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd and they will have a 10k, 5k and 1k kids race.  I ran the 5k last year and it was fast and fun.  If any of you would like to run it let us know and let’s get a SnoRidge CF Team out on the course. Kids too!

Group Dirty 30Deb Dirty 30
Curtis KB Dirty 30Jim KB Dirty 30