"The Chief"

Max Rounds in 3 Min. of:

3 Power Cleans (135# / 95#)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for 5 Cycles.  

Complete as many rounds as possible in each cycle.  Goal is to maintain that max number of rounds across the 5 cycles.  
Read here for a description on why this is named “The Chief”.

Travis Chief Sequence

Great job today by Adriana, Deb, and Travis.  Each of you all commented on how deceptive this WOD is.  Looking at it you think, “piece of cake”.  Then you start doing the math and realize how many reps this adds up to.  Usually when a WOD earns a name there is a reason.

Virtuosity: Defined as showing great technique or skill by someone who excels at something.  Or doing the common uncommonly well.  

One theme we heard today was how each of you were somewhat struggling in different areas of the Power Clean.  All of you said that despite the clock running you were each focusing on remembering your cues and trying to get perfect form on each lift.  When you didn’t, you felt frustrated. You felt like you needed to get each rep right, to get the integrity of the movement, or to not “cheat” it up. I would tell each of you that’s a good thing and to be patient. I also would say that Michelle and I take that as a compliment. We focus on form for a reason. To see each of you come in and care more about doing a rep or movement correctly and with proper technique or range of motion is paramount to being successful in CrossFit. This is also key in avoiding injury. Don’t be in a rush to learn it all and pile on the weight.  We will help coach you, provide cues to what you are or are not doing right, and push you when you need it. 

Whether or not you see your improvements we both have seen major strides in each of you.  Master the basics, keep pushing hard in each WOD, don’t beat yourself up, and continue to strive for virtuosity. Practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes for perfection.