Kind of what all of you felt like were going off in your chest at round 4.

In teams of 2 complete the following relay race for time.  

Perform 7 rounds of a 40 yard long shuttle run that consists of the following exercises:
Sprint to 10 yard line and back,
Sprint to 20 yard line and do 5 burpees and back,
Sprint to 30 yard line and do 7 kettlebell swings and back,
Sprint to 40 yard line and do 10 PVC Overhead Squats and back.
Tag up with your partner. 

* One partner goes while the other rests.

Swenson Park Crew
The morning class got together at Swenson Park for today’s WOD. We put this together with a few goals in mind. The weather is great and we wanted to get outside, we haven’t done a team WOD, and we needed one that allowed rest cycles after max effort. The shuttle sprints were new and there to help increase the cardio-respiratory endurance. The other goal was to pilot a test run at the park so that we can try to have a couple Saturday WOD’s for everyone this summer.

It was a close race but the team of Dan and Michelle just beat out the other two teams. It was also great to have all the kids running around and practicing burpees, sprints and frog hops.  It’s rubbing off!

Happy 4th! Remember to honor our country, fly the flag and stay safe!