Got Results?

Moe’s Logbook:


Quote of the day: “If you go out there to not lose, you’re not going to perform to the best of your ability.” – Chris Spealler

Do you get results? Specifically in CrossFit. How do you know? Besides looking better, feeling stronger, moving faster, having more energy, sleeping soundly, or getting sick less often; how do you know quantitatively what your workout results are? One sure way to know is to track your progress. Do you have a WOD book or workout log? Maybe you use an online tool or computer to track your results?

If you aren’t writing it down or recording it somehow then it will hamper your training progress. The purpose behind maintaining a logbook is mainly two-fold: 1) to provide a historical record of your past workout performances and 2) to provide a reference from which to base future workout performances on.

The benefits of a logbook (or WOD book):

  1. A tool to dial in your training to push you to achieve new PR’s (personal records)
  2. Allows you to train smart and safe by knowing what movement, load, or equipment to use for each WOD
  3. Provides a context to trouble-shooting or modifying your training by understanding your frequency of CF, other activities, rest, periodization, and strength/skill development
  4. Lets you instantly realize if you have done something previously to help prepare for your training session and workout

We recommend that you keep a log. We provide everyone a book when you start Elements and for those who are more biased towards online or technology we recommend using either a simple spreadsheet or taking advantage of that will allow you to post your workout results. If you don’t want a plain B&W notebook and want something more personalized go for it. There are plenty of options to express yourself with a WOD book. Also big thanks to Marc and Laura who have stationed a laptop at the box for everyone to use to enter their results to beyondthewhiteboard before they leave if needed! This will be made available this week. 

If you have questions on keeping a logbook and want some ideas on what to write or record don’t hesitate to ask!

Kristy and Nan know what to load on the bar because they track their WOD’s: