"Broomstick Mile"

In a team of 2 share a bar and each member completes the following exercises for time:

25 Back Squats (45#/33# for all) 
25 Front Squats 
25 Overhead Squats 
400m Run 
25 Shoulder Press 
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
400m Run 
50 Squat Clean 
400m Run 
50 Power Snatch 
400m Run


  1. Each person must do 25 reps each for squats/press, and 50 each squat clean/snatch. Break it up however needed.
  2. No putting the bar down except for the run. 
  3. 5 Burpee penalty during the WOD for the team each time the bar is dropped besides running. 
  4. Pass the bar back and forth until each person completes their reps. 
  5. You cannot run until both team members complete their reps for the exercise preceding the 400m run.


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Week 2: Open WOD 11.2 Final Results

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Today’s theme was “Pass the Bar”:

Luanne and Lisa

Steph and Maria Dustin and Matt Lindsay and Adriana

Quote of the day: “Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Broomstick Mile is one of my favorite team workouts. It builds confidence in several movements through repetition, builds teamwork, and builds friendships through mutual suffering! Keeping that bar off the ground to save the burpee penalty for your team is a motivator to keep moving and forego that rest. Usually a WOD like this helps at least 4-5 of the movements “stick” and develop correct techniques with stance, pull, grip, lockout, etc. 

Speaking of team building events, we are looking at organizing a trip for anyone interested (kids too) to both a Mariners game this summer as well as a weekend trip to Sky High Sports in Bellevue to jump on trampolines and hopefully play dodgeball. If you are interested let us know.


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Coming in April: Goal Setting with lululemon athletica at our box!

  • Who: lululemon athletica
  • What: Goal Setting Seminar! 

    • Goal setting (and a true commitment to your goals) is the most powerful way to take control of your future, and create what you want in your life. This seminar will provide some basic tools to help you set more clear and more powerful goals. 
  • When: April 8th, Friday 7-8pm
  • Where: Here at the box
  • Details: This is free! Get started on setting your goals NOW. 

    • Use this opportunity to set new goals, complete the exercise, and put something down that you will commit to and see through
    • Everyone always says they have a goal, but often things sidetrack them and get in the way. Put those excuses aside and get started. Make goals for yourself here in the box that you will hold yourself accountable for and go after and achieve. 
    • Please bring a pen, and something to take notes on. 
  • RSVP: Post to comments or sign up in the box on the whiteboard