7 Rds for time:

10 Burpees
10 Medicine Ball Cleans (20#/14#)

Group ShotBridget Jumping Pull-up

Today was progress for all of you.  Bridget and Sherry both completed their second Elements session. Everyone drastically learned and improved their form with the medicine ball clean.  After instruction and practice, the reps mounted as the WOD wore on and helped cement the technique. Michelle was also happy to get a boost from working out with the late crew.

Curtis, Jim and Travis all mentioned something similar today. They each commented that coming to CrossFit brings butterflies.  The nervous energy, the anxious feeling, the partial dread and the feeling that they each had before a game or meet back when they played competitive sports.  It’s a common feeling.  The “gnawing in the pit of your stomach” feeling is almost universal to those who go to a CrossFit gym to do the workout of the day.  I get it every time I am about to do a WOD, either here or at another box.  Michelle does too. Wondering just what is going to be on the whiteboard becomes a recurring theme for many.  

That anticipation is one of the draws for many about CrossFit.  You get that butterfly feeling because you know it will be hard. You know it will require you to push, to work, to feel discomfort and pain, and that it is the key to results. Nothing comes easy. When you are finished however, you know that you earned it. No matter how you finish, you finished. You competed only against yourself. Sure you can try to beat others, but really you competed against your own body, against your own mind.  You will stand taller the next day or feel good about yourself going home. You know that you are one day fitter.

We regretfully will need to charge sales tax.  Please help us remember when you pay your dues! 

Shirts are ordered and will be in soon.  We also have another design that rocks and will be adding a slogan on the back (“Brutal Fun” is the leading contender). For women we will also get tank tops. Design posted below. Post your comments and let us know what you think of it.