CrossFit in the park!

We will be holding free CrossFit workouts this Sunday and next (9/20 and 9/27 only) for the Bellevue Square lululemon athletica location!

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WOD will be at 9:25am every Sunday for September only. We are halfway through and have just two workouts left. Come work out with us! (Meet Michelle in the store inside the mall). More details here.

Grace the Re-Test

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)


Grace_Jana Grace_Lorri
Grace_PM Crew

Last time we did this WOD was on August 4th. We initiated the Grace Challenge. 

These were the rules:
“Everyone who wants to participate can throw in $5 to the pot, do this WOD (if you didn’t today) and set their baseline. One month from now we will do it again and most improved wins the pot (either by time or by advancing the farthest from scaled to RX’d, coaches excluded).”

Here were the results for everyone who did Grace on 8/4 and for those who missed it that week:

Once everyone who threw into the pot does it this week we will tally the results and according to the above rules figure out for those that threw into the pot who the winners are. Stay tuned. I fully expect there to be a raging controversy and declarations of elections fraud and favoritism. I will put it out there that the only rule not mentioned above that we are sticking to is the Canadian exchange rate is in effect for Curtis for his time and weight (per Michelle).

Our next challenge will be called “The Math Testosterone Challenge”. It will be a timed event in which the men with the most testosterone will be given a complex math equation and then must solve it on the whiteboard faster than the other men while arguing why their solution is better and they should win the pot of money. It will be limited to Jim, Travis and Curtis only. If you were at the late class tonight you would have witnessed this post Grace.

Clean and Jerk Instruction video by CrossFit Boston at Again Faster:


Teaching the Power Clean and Push Jerk from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.


4 Rounds for time of:

400m Run
25 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)


Welcome Bonnie (shown completing Elements), Tom, Bruce and Richard who all are joining us:
Bonnie_Elements Part Three
September seems like a month of events, challenges and birthdays. Everything from opening the new gym, holding Sunday park workouts for lululemon athletica in Bellevue Square park, celebrating several upcoming birthdays [WARNING! WOD Alert!], having the follow-up WOD for the “Grace Challenge”, and the Fight Gone Bad workout fundraiser on 9/26 we will be a bunch of busy CrossFitters!

If that isn’t enough for you then October will be equally chock full of nuts. Of the paleo variety. We are putting a few things out there to gauge interest levels. See below and post to comments if interested.

One: Nutrition Session – We would host a Saturday morning set aside for a session geared around crash diets vs. lifestyle change, paleo and zone eating and the effect on you as an athlete, types of foods to eat and avoid, eating pre and post WOD, sugar and high glycemic foods and their effect on you, and other topics. Who knows maybe even a light paleo snack bar afterwards! A few of you planted this “seed” in our heads (paleo terminology – eat nuts and seeds).

Two: Salmon Days Rotary Run 5k run – Lyndi, Amanda, Lucy and Lorri all talked about running this race. It’s on Sunday 10/4 at 9am. There is also a 10k. For those who want to run we could create a SRCF Team for you to register as part of.

Three: Halloween WOD! We will be having a “trick or treat” WOD on Hallows’ Eve (10/31) in the morning. Costumes required (we aren’t kidding)! Plenty of time to get a workout in and then gorge yourself on sweets. Oh wait, never mind that part because after the nutrition session you won’t eat candy anymore.

Fight Gone Bad fundraiser status: We have raised $854 as a gym for two great causes (Athletes for a Cure and The Wounded Warrior Project)! Donations on behalf of our gym can be made here.

Fight Gone Bad

The dry run. Today was our first official WOD in the new box! As I sit here typing (and Michelle steals my wine) I cannot believe what I just typed. The NEW BOX. Weird, but very cool.

3 Rounds of Max Effort for 1 Minute each of the following exercises:

WallBall (20#/14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#/55#)
Box Jump (20″)
Push Press (75#/55#)
Row (for Cal)

Continuous clock with 1 minute rest between rounds.  Score total reps.


Movement Prep before the WOD:
SRCF: 1st Day at New Box_Fight Gone Bad - 04
It was a great turnout and and even more fun for the gang that went to Zoka for coffee afterwards. We look forward to the re-match with the “Fight” on 9/26 for the fundraiser (link to the right). We want to thank all of you for coming out over your holiday weekend for our first day at the new gym. We especially want to thank everyone for their help this weekend as well as Deb for helping as a scorer.
View this slideshow of the WOD and the new box:


Burpees in the rain!

Today the weather was lulu. Crazy. Wet. Gray. Cool. Seattle-ish. All in all it was normal for here. Perfect for an outdoor workout. We held a free WOD in the Bellevue Square Park with lululemon athletica today. Despite the downpour, we had a good crowd and Amanda came out to show us some love and do some burpees. Thanks Amanda!

09-06-09 lululemon WOD  Lauren lulu lemon_Burpee
Sunday WOD Gathering
The Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser is right around the corner. It will be 9/26 and we will be participating. Create your own fundraising page (link over on the right) or donate any amount to our page for two important causes. We will be getting acquainted with this WOD soon so that everyone is ready. 
Watch here for a good video on why we are supporting this. 
[mov] [wmv] [ipod]
See you all tomorrow morning at 10am for our only WOD of the day. Make sure you go to our new address at 8016 Bracken Place, Snoqualmie.

King Plank and our Friends at King CF

Alternate the following for time:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6… down to 1 of Overhead Squat (95#/65#)
200m Run (every round)


Curtis is the king of planks (from yesterday). He held his for 3:32 the other day outlasting all others (including Sherry who was hanging in there at 3 min.).

Plank King
Speaking of King’s, we attended King CrossFit’s pre-Grand opening get together tonight. We had a great time meeting up with other affiliate owners and seeing their new box. If anyone is interested go to their open house tomorrow which is from 10-4 in Renton. Address is on their website.
Group picture:
King CF, Foundation CF, and SnoRidge CF
Pictured (L to R) Us, Ron, Arvin, Glen, Allen (all King CF), and Andrew (Foundation CF)
The Box:
King CF

"Elbows Up"

Strength Focus: Squat Clean


The Goal: 
After warming up, work up to three consecutive sets of your three rep max of the Squat clean. Each round attempt to increase and reach your max weight while maintaining good form and technique. Failed rep means failed round. Post PR’s and record weight used to results.

After completion of strength WOD complete the following:

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes of:
3 Squat Clean (95#/65#)
5 Push-up
7 Knees to Elbows


Jim D. showing good body awareness. 
(As Michelle told him and Curtis likes to razz him about):
Jim D_Power thru the middle_Squat Clean
Note that in the picture above Jim has explosively jumped, shrugged and opened his hips before he has bent his arms. He is generating power through his middle to “float” the bar up and then quickly rotate the elbows and body around the bar underneath to receive it in the front squat.


Fight Gone Bad fundraiser workout:

We will be participating as a gym in this fundraiser on September 26th. Click on the link above for rules, get registered and go get some pledges for two good causes (A few of us have already created our own pledge pages). We are working to make this a good event by hopefully partnering with CrossFit Redmond. We would host in the new box and they would join us. Also several friends and CF’ers from the Dupont area will be joining us.

3-2-1 GROW!

SnoRidge CrossFit is expanding!

If you missed Michelle’s well done surprise announcement at the post-race BBQ yesterday we now have keys to a bigger box of around 1300 sq. ft.! We have secured a space right here on the Ridge (in the commercial park opposite the Center Dr. retail sector) and will be moving in September. Our goal is to be up and running for class after Labor Day weekend and to have a good party after the Fight Gone Bad challenge on September 26th. Lots to do to get set up but we think you will like it more than leapfrogging Ash’s Barbie car on your way out the garage.

We are very thankful to you ALL for getting us to this next step in our journey. YOU are what make this affiliate possible. As we grow our family we will strive to keep the same focus on what makes this CrossFit gym work: Challenging workouts and results, emphasis on coaching and technique, and a place where you not only make personal physical changes but build lasting friendships and community.

New Box collage

Run Forrest, Run!

Today was the Snoqualmie Railroad Days 5k/10k and kids 1k race. We represented well with the following group of runners. Results haven’t been posted so will share when they are up.

5k Race:
Deb L. (with Porter in the stroller), Deb S., Jim M., Jim D., Jorge, Jana, Lyndi, Amanda, Lucy, Leigh, Michelle, Tom
10k Race:
Sherry, Travis, Jenna
Kids 1k:
Max (and his cousin), Skye, Ashley, Finn, Grace, Jenna

One of these kids is doing his own thing:


PR’s were set, first races were run and many had their family members running so there was a big turnout for a really fun, fast, and scenic course. We especially want to thank Rob and Curtis who watched kids, handled photographer duties and cheered everyone to the finish. 

Afterwards we headed back to the gym and our house for a great BBQ with not only the SnoRidge crew but also many friends from around the Puget Sound. Thanks for everyone who stopped by including the gang from King CrossFit, CrossFit Olympia, and many of our close friends from the Dupont area.

Next year’s is already on the books for Sat. August 21st. Plan on running it again!