"Death by Wall Ball"

With a continuously running clock perform 2 Wall Balls the first minute, 4 Wall Balls the second minute, 6 the third minute, and so on, continuing to add 2 each minute until you cannot complete the required number of reps in the given minute.

Score total rounds and reps in the last round completed.


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Today’s emphasis on “Above the Line” clearly in play:

Above the Line

Yesterday we announced the Nutrition and Performance “Stop the Slop” Challenge. Sign up this week prior to the kick off on Saturday at 9am. If you are jumping in and need some insights into how to revamp your habits at the “Gro-Sto” for food shopping check out Whole9‘s tips in their latest blog post. “Paleo Poor: Your Guide to the Grocery Store


Announcing some new ways to pay:

  • We are introducing a discount for those who want to pre-pay their dues either 6 months (15% off) or 12 months (20% off) in advance! 
  • We are in the process of starting EFT as well for an easier month-to-month billing solution, expect to see it up and running next week


Starting this Friday we will add a weekly 6pm class on Fridays with Jeremy D. This will not change Moe’s regular 5pm schedule.

Wed. 8am class this week: Post to comments if you are planning to come otherwise it is cancelled.


Congrats to Rona who got her first kipping handstand push-up today! Also welcome to Josh, Mollie, Amy, and Penny who just started or are about to complete Elements. Be sure to introduce yourself when you see them for the WOD.

Video highlights from the Mt. Rainier Strongest Man and Woman 5 at Rainier CrossFit back in November (Mark put this video together from Pat’s footage):


"Happy New Year!"

For Time:

31 Hang Power Cleans (75#/55#) 
31 AbMat Sit-ups 
31 Push-ups (Hands Release from Floor)
31 Push Press (75#/55#)
31 whY not do Box Jumps (24″/20″)
31 Now Back Squat (75#/55#)
31 Everyone do Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull (53#/35#)
31 Walking Lunge Steps
31 whY not do Box Jumps (24″/20″)
31 Everyone do Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
31 Air Squats
310m Row


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Nadia smiling mid-WOD (right AFTER sticking her tongue out at me. The nerve!):

Nadia Mid-WOD Smile

Pics from today:

Snowy Row and Walk

Hand Release Push-ups

Andrea Jumps and Coaches Squat

Be safe and be responsible this New Year’s Eve! If you party, don’t completely lose your head and go drinking and driving. Feel free to drink and do burpees however…

Your coaches will be ringing in the New Year with an early-evening WOD and sending 2010 out with a 3-2-1 Go!


We will be putting out details around our “Stop the Slop Challenge” for January prior to Monday. This will include a nutrition challenge AND a form challenge for consistent “No Slop = Perfect” reps. Stay tuned!

Also Todd Widman will be giving a nutrition lecture at Imperial CrossFit on January 25th at 5:30pm that is open for all to attend. Please RSVP on the blog to us so we can give Allen a headcount. Expect a minimal cost (TBD). If you care about nutrition and the role it plays in your life and performance, then we strongly encourage that you take the time to go.

"Bottom to Bottom Tabata"

Tabata Squat: Perform max reps of air squats for 8 consecutive intervals of: 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

The Tabata “Bottom to Bottom Squat” is a Tabata Squat but each rep begins at the bottom and ends at the bottom. The turn around at the top is immediate – no pause. The ten-second rest for each interval is also held at the bottom of the squat as opposed to the top. Interestingly, this squat, in contrast to the “normal” Tabata squat, motivates full hip extension. Also, the ten second rests don’t seem as short with this protocol!

5 Minute Rest then Complete:

Max Effort 500m Row

4 minute Rest then Complete:

2 Minutes L Sit Hold – Count number of times you touch the ground


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Quote of the Day: “I would curse at you right now but I don’t have the energy.” ~ Jorge to me after the WOD

Quote of the Day 2: “Ahhhhhhhhh! Owwwwww! Sh*t! My legs!” ~ randomly repeated class after class


New Year’s Eve WOD means time to ring in the New Year with some hard work and then some partying before the resolutions kick in. Get ready to kick off 2011 yet and set some goals that are specific and measurable and worth going after. Make plenty of small goals you will accomplish that will lead to a larger end goal. Think about focusing them on personal, family, career, nutrition and fitness for starters. 

Read: “The Whole9 Healthy/F-Off Scale, Version 2.0” then make your own scale.


Squatch captured on film getting ready to hit his WOD. Or is it Curtis?


Power Hour

Strength WOD:

Power Clean



AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 15 minutes:

2 Power Cleans (Bodyweight)
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Wall Balls (20#/14#)


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“If at first you don’t succeed, you obviously aren’t Chuck Norris.”

~ from Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped

Cleans and HPSU_Don and Moe Wall Ball_Kristy

One hour of total power! Power Cleans are looking better and better. Think jump, shrug, hips open and fast elbows. Getting up to cleaning your bodyweight may be strong stuff but technique and speed over strength will get you there faster.

Assisting the Banded Handstand Push-up:

Assisted HSPU - 1 Assisted HSPU - 2 Assisted HSPU - 3

Are you making your New Year’s Resolutions? If so then why not put them in writing. Make them count and go after achieving them. Try the Goal Setting website from lululemon athletica: goaltender


New Year’s Schedule:

  • Friday 12/31 we will have classes at 9am, 10am, 11am by sign-up in the box on the whiteboard! (11am time will be used for overflow)
  • We will take 10 per WOD for sign-ups (please write on the whiteboard only) and if we get too crowded don’t worry we will find a way to fit you in
  • Saturday 1/1 we will be closed for the Holiday

"Pushing Annie"

Quote of the day post-WOD: “I felt like crying, but I decided to get mad instead.” ~ Rona

50/40/30/20/10 reps each of for time:

AbMat Sit-ups


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Couples CrossFit:

Pushing Annie


Read: “Six Keys to being Excellent at Anything” by Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

According to Jorge we made this horrible WOD even more horrible. In truth though we didn’t make this version. I just found it. Adding push-ups to “Annie” makes it a new challenge and a full body workout. It also makes it a reason to hate push-ups almost as much as double-unders.


New Year’s Schedule:

  • Friday 12/31 we will have classes at 9am, 10am, 11am by sign-up in the box on the whiteboard! (11am time will be used for overflow)
  • We will take 10 per WOD for sign-ups (please write on the whiteboard only) and if we get too crowded don’t worry we will find a way to fit you in
  • Saturday 1/1 we will be closed for the Holiday 



In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED.

5 Rounds for time: 
12 Deadlift (155#/105#)
Hang Power Clean (155#/105#)
6 Push Jerk (155#/105#)


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Compare to previous results

The movements of DT:


“Iceland” Annie Thorisdottir (Women’s 2nd Place Overall: 2010 CF Games) completes “DT” in 4:49 RX’d [wmv] [mov]

Great effort today by all and judging by the results the scaling was appropriate to allow better focus on technique, movement and intensity over going too heavy and slogging through a brutal WOD!


No 6am class this week on Tuesday/Thursday. 6am classes will be back to normal next week. Stay tuned for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day WOD Schedule.

3-2-1 Get Some

The "Rules" of CrossFit

Hand Release Push-up by Amanda: 

Hand Release PU_Amanda
Quote of the Day: “The WOD is designed to overcome the work capacity of the fittest athletes.” ~ Coach Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit)

Which leads me to a few “rules” that apply in CrossFit: 

  1. Check your ego at the door.
  2. The WOD is always harder than it looks.
  3. No one who comes in the door can do every workout prescribed. 
  4. Scaling is smart. It allows for learning proper form and technique, building strength and muscle memory. It avoids injury, overuse, and the development of bad habits because the weight or range of motion is too much.
  5. Make every rep count. Count every rep. Cheaters never win. Winners never cheat. 
  6. CrossFit builds mental toughness as much as physical fitness. Embrace the suck!
  7. CrossFit will find your weakness. You get fitter by building on your strengths and training your weaknesses.
  8. Pre-WOD “butterflies”? We all get them.
  9. If someone vomits or passes out they are considered resting.
  10. You must brag about CrossFit to everyone you know.

“Dueling Thrusters”

Throwback Pic of the pre-SRCF Affiliate days in our garage (early Nov. 2008):

Dueling Thrusters

I love this picture. It’s back in the days before Michelle and I affiliated SRCF. We were trainers with CrossFit No Limits down in Steilacoom/Dupont and also doing our garage gym thing too up here in Snoqualmie. What I love is that I remember this WOD very cleary. It was an EMOM (every minute on the minute) add a thruster WOD. The weight was 95# for me and 65# for her. In minute 1 you do 1 thruster and wait. Minute 2 equals 2 thrusters. Keep adding 1 as the minutes tick on until you can’t fit that number in a minute. I was confident I would beat her. I told her clearly I would kick her ass. She said “We’ll see, Nugent.”

We faced each other in a pretty small space (we only had a few stall mats in our garage at the time) about three feet apart. We started the clock and went at it round for round. I thought I would beat her easily except she kept going. And going. I kept thinking “do ten rounds and she will quit”. Then we hit 10, 11, 12, and started the 13th round. I kept thinking “f’ing QUIT already! Just QUIT!”. We finally both ran out of time in the 13th minute where we each did a partial round. I got 6 thrusters in that minute. Michelle got 7. I lost. I was crushed. She laughed. She talked a little trash. I bitched a lot. We got up off the floor and high fived. I may have been mad that I lost, but I came away loving the fact that my wife just kicked my ass in our garage… 


Merry Christmas to everyone at SnoRidge CrossFit! Santa brought us a NEW box!


2011 means new things for SnoRidge CrossFit. We are taking a leap and hoping to go big or go home. Quite literally. We are super stoked to announce that we have bought a bigger space right here on the Ridge! If it doesn’t work then we will either go home or move in. (That means please stick with us!)

Hopefully by February we will be opening SRCF version 3.0 (1.0 was the garage, 2.0 is our current location). We have secured an agreement for a building that is more than twice our current size within the same Venture Commerce Center we all run around almost everyday, only this building is located in the long building along Center St. (same building as the All State office) that our 400m run route goes past.

The cool features:

  • Warehouse space will have more space than our current box (should handle 13-14 barbells comfortably)
  • 30′ fully exposed ceilings and rafters to hang more ropes and rings
  • 2 toilets to allow for twice the capacity of pre-WOD nervous pee-ers!
  • Front entry area that will have it’s own new Squatch Cave, office space, and a seating area 
  • Storage cubbies and lockers so you can lose more of your shit at the box!
  • Huge roll-up garage door on the back to the alley (this alone makes it CrossFit)
  • More wall space for wall ball and handstand push-up torture
  • No change to the run routes
  • Still has alley access so we can WOD outside
  • Ample room for an all new pull-up structure to hold more people
  • An upstairs area for Elements and Kids programs, as well as warm-ups and skills work
  • Front door entrance that won’t also be the WOD entry/exit
  • Overall size is around 2600 square feet
  • General all around badass-ness!!!

A few other things to announce:

  1. New weekly Friday 6pm class with Jeremy D. starts January 7th
  2. CF Kids will kick off in the New Year with Michelle and Moe (Class details TBA)
  3. Discount pricing for those wishing to pay their dues 6 and 12 months in advance will be announced January 1st.
  4. Plenty more epic things to come. 

Video Tour:


"The 12 Days of Christmas WOD"

CF Christmas

Like the song the “12 Days of Christmas”, complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down, adding one exercise per round. 

Ex. On the 1st day of Christmas, my coaches gave to me, one Sumo Deadlift High Pull; on the 2nd day of Christmas my coaches gave to me, 2 Thrusters and 1 SDHP; on the 3rd day of Christmas, my coaches gave to me, 3 Push Press, 2 Thrusters, and 1 SDHP; continue with 4 Power Cleans, 3, 2, 1 etc. up the ladder and down

For Time:

1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#/55#)
2 Thrusters (75#/55#)
3 Push Press (75#/55#)
4 Power Cleans (75#/55#)
5 Power Snatches (75#/55#)
6 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
7 Pull-ups
8 Knees-to-Elbows
9 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Double Unders
11 Burpees 
12 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (45#/25# Plate)


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Previous Results

12 Days of Christmas WOD

Today was a record single class turnout! We had 37 Squatches turn out for the Christmas Eve WOD which made a packed box! For all who had to wait a few waves and put up with the multi-tasking I am sorry for that, but we really focused to get people moving and through the WOD to get back to your holiday plans. I’m also stoked with the energy and community everyone showed. Seeing so many people show up with holiday attire and good cheer means we must be collectively doing something right. Good games and chest bumps go to Moe and Jeremy for running a couple waves outside in the drizzle to push more people through.

This WOD is a long one and for sure a tough workout; however from a coaching perspective what I like about it is the loads are relatively light (or you should scale it to be light) which allow you to keep moving and to learn movements through repetition. The barbell complex at first can confuse some (I admit I even messed up when I finally went even after briefing it so many times), but after several rounds it drives muscle memory and links certain movements together that can make it “click”. At a minimum all of you should never ask “what’s a thruster” again. As I compared this to last year’s results I realized that today we did the WOD slightly different from what we ran last year (I honestly don’t remember why I pulled out power snatches but my guess is due to deadlifts being easier to coach and transition to cleans). Last year in round 5 we did 5 deadlifts each time. This time we had 5 power snatches, which are tougher, slower and more technical.  We also did burpees in the 11th round and lunges in the 12th round this year. Last year they were flipped and we did lunges in the 11th and burpees only once in the 12th round. I am pretty sure doubling the burpees takes a little more time than doubling the lunges. Yay burpees!

From your coaches at SnoRidge CrossFit, we want to wish everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and hope you are safe and warm with your loved ones. See you Monday!

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