Daily Double

Strength/Skill WOD:

Every Minute On the Minute for 10 Minutes (EMOM) complete:
Max Reps Power Snatch (135#/95#): Odd Minutes 
4 Muscle-ups or 15 Pull-ups: Even Minutes

Scale to 2MU or 4 Strict Pull-ups. Scale #2 to 1 MU or 2 Strict Pull-ups.

Conditioning WOD:

For time:

50 Sit-ups
50 Double-Unders 
50 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge 50 Steps
50 Sit-ups
50 Burpees
50 Sit-ups


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I missed the memo for Green Movember Shirt day:

James_PS Rob_MU

Sometimes a strength or skill WOD can challenge everyone enough to force scaling more than you think. Today was like a double, but worked very different movements and skills. 

Attention Teams! Final Team Series Competition Starts October 9

CF Invitational:

Introducing Team USA

Introducing Team Europe

Introducing Team Canada

Introducing Team Australia