Hip, Hop, Hooray…

Warm-up then work to three rep max deadlift. Then perform the following WOD.

21-15-9 for time:
Deadlift (Bodyweight)
Wallball (20#/14#)
Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Pick your poison. Each of these exercises is opening or closing the hip.  Put them together and it’s a challenge to go from one exercise to the next. Short but effective.  Just what we wanted after a long WOD yesterday. 

Welcome to Lucy and Jorge who started Elements with us today.  Everyone narrowly missed a burpee penalty by introducing themselves to our newcomers to make them feel welcome. Nice!

Sherry DL
Curtis WB Bridget Box Jump
Thank you everyone for parking today off the cul-de-sac when it was crowded. I guess it means you all read the website! 
Oh and here is Part 2 of the Kipping Pull-up by Robb Wolf and Nadia Shatila on Again Faster. Part 1 can be found here. Practice your kipping motion in movement prep and also post WOD if you have some time and energy.  

The Kipping Pullup – Part Two from Jon Gilson on Vimeo.