Measuring Stick

For Time: 

Wallball (20#/14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#/65#)

Neil during the WOD after his crash course in wall ball throws:

Neil WallBall

Why do we make you write down your WOD every time?  Why do we keep that drawer of notebooks with your name on it?  Simply because it’s your measuring stick.  It’s the most basic element to tracking progress.  You write it down. Once you write it down you can reference it for comparing past performance and pushing yourself to reach a new PR (personal record).  When you need to know what your past load was for a particular lift, or time for a WOD, or weight for a med ball or kettlebell, it’s right there.  If it’s a benchmark WOD that came up you can see what time you need to try and beat. 

For us as your trainers it’s a record to see how far you have come, and help identify areas of weakness or undertrained skills.  All of us have fitness goals, writing down our performance will actually help us see how short or far we have to go to realize them.  So remember to write it down. Without it you are simply working out, not training. 

On that note here are three different web resources for CrossFitters that allow you to enter and track your WOD’s. All are unique and have pros and cons but any one of them are excellent tools to have for things like entering workouts when on the road or away from the gym, tracking your performance, and for comparing yourself to other CrossFitters. I use and it’s great for me to see where I measure up to others. I like the others too and may end up trying them.  Some support social networking applications which is a plus.  Give them a look and if you sign up for them don’t think it gets you out of writing in your notebook!

Web Based:

iPhone app:

We are going to post a class schedule soon based on the most common times we are training all of you. Please try in advance to schedule class times that you can consistently make with us so that we are able to judge the number of people and prepare. We are going to cap the class WOD’s at 3 to 4 for now. If you can’t make the posted class just shoot us an email, text or call and we will do our best to accommodate you at a different time. 

First timers will still be required to attend the first three sessions with us separately to learn the Elements or fundamentals (unless you are Level 1 certified).

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