Déjà Vu

Curtis Pull-ups Deb Push-ups Adriana Squat
Not the club. The WOD. Today’s WOD was “Cindy” rehashed; since all of you who came today missed the benchmark yesterday we felt it was only fair for you to experience it.  First of all big props to Curtis for doing it prescribed and getting 11 rounds with full on kipping pull-ups today! Say goodbye to the band. 
Deb, Adriana, and Deb also all had great efforts and are ready to say hello to the bands and move off from the jumping pull-ups. Deb and Adriana also doubled their previous output from when they did a “mini-Cindy” with 10 minutes. This shows progress as it means they were able to maintain their work capacity and intensity for twice the time while improving form and technique.
For some of you we will begin working on kipping technique for pull-ups. Whether you have a pull-up yet or not this is good for you to study, learn and practice both with jumping, using a box, or a band. As your strength increases and your coordination improves the “kip” will become second nature and you will learn to harness the power of your hips and core to getting that body over the bar. These are not “cheating”.  Those who say kipping is cheating likely have never done them or done pull-ups at high intensity.  Just ask Curtis if he thinks they are cheating.
Here is a great instructional video on kipping from Again Faster:

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