Push It Up

Skills WOD:

12 Minutes:
Pick a skill and work on it: Bodyweight or barbell.

Conditioning WOD:

For Time:

10 Muscle-Ups
100 Push Press (75#/55#)
1000m Row


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Push Press_Don and Jules Push Press_Jeremy

Video: Rich Froning 6:44 from 2011 with 100 Unbroken Push Press by CrossFit

Today’s skill work was time to work on goats, skills and things you just want to be better at. Take advantage of that time to drill a weakness or refine a strength, either way just use it and focus on technique, form, positioning and strength.


Next Monday on 1/6 we will kick off our annual 30 day Stop the Slop Performance challenge. Will we see a minor tweak to the WOD? Unknown and unknowable. Read up on last year’s at the link above for more details and get ready to clean it up! 

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