Row, Rest, Recover

4 Individually Timed Rows:

500m Row
Each row is a max effort. Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Checkout WOD:


2 Rounds for Time of:
20 Toes-to-bar
20 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Overhead Sit-ups (35#/15#)


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Both WOD’s had the same mysterious effect:

Rowing Aftermath

Abdominator Aftermath

Happy Birthdays to Jorge, Natalie and Josh H. this week! Jorge counted today as his birthday WOD since he loves rowing so much and I forgot to take his picture rowing tonight. Tomorrow’s WOD will be a birthday WOD combo for Natalie and Josh. If your birthday is coming up let us know and we will program a birthday torture…um…workout present!

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The Overhead Sit-up:

  • Anchor your feet under dumbbells
  • Start on your back with a bumper plate at arm’s length extended directly over the eyes
  • Complete a sit-up with the plate directly overhead 
  • Complete the sit-up with the “head through” similar to a press
  • Return to the start position

Overhead Sit-up