"The Bear Complex"

Perform 5 sets of 7 sequences (complexes) of the following exercises:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

  1. Bar must touch the ground each sequence but cannot rest on the ground or it terminates the set. 
  2. Goal is to increase loads each round to complete “The Bear” with max load.  
  3. Rest as needed between sets.
  4. You must power clean the bar to full standing position before squatting the weight.   

Bear_Sherry Bear_Lucy Bear_Jim Push Press
Bear_Curtis Bear_Greg

First I want to apologize for not having a picture of Amanda.  Michelle got the pics of everyone else today doing “The Bear” but I got so caught up with the WOD tonight and the camera stayed on the countertop.

That said, tonight was really cool and watching Amanda learn to power clean, then push and convince herself she could complete this WOD and add some weight was inspiring. My favorite moment was in the middle of the 4th round when she looked at me after two complexes and said with a smile “I never thought I would be working out with barbells and in a garage” and then proceeded to grind it out.

A few observations:

As you all added weight through this WOD it became apparent to all of you why the dip and drive of the push press is more efficient than just trying to press it up. Muscle memory started kicking in and confidence with the movement techniques grew each round.

Both of us saw powercleans improving.  Keep that barbell close to the body, remember it’s explosive, incorporate that shrug and keep it close to the body as you rotate your elbows around.  Avoid the reverse curl impulse. We will also plan to coach the barbell back squat more in pre-WOD Elements as the low bar back squat will be new to all of you.

Video demo from the CrossFit main site of “The Bear” WOD:
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Windows Media Player click here