Unplanned Downtime

We are back up! Looks like I have some catching up to do. I’ll be posting results for the past couple of days shortly.

Our site has been down (along with many other sites and blogs from Typepad) for the past couple of days. Extremely frustrating and eye-opening is an understatement to how disruptive a loss of a website can be to a business. We average a pretty high consistent number of daily visitors, and rely completely on our site to provide information to people about how to sign up for OnRamp and also get a feel for our gym, community, pricing, schedule and programming. The impact of losing our site this week was highlighted by the several emails stating that our site was down but someone had a question about classes, getting started or wanting to inquire about signing up for OnRamp. I officially hate internet hooligans.

Response to Typepad Downtime This Week