Snatch and Go

5 Rounds for time:

15 Power Snatches (95#/65#)
400m Run


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Compare to Previous Results (1 year Anniversary of Curtis’s 1st Muscle-up!)

Homework assignment – Go read:

So I just want you to know I really suck at Snatching” from

How to “Power Snatch


Prizes for the “Stop the Slop Challenge” ends on Sat. 2/19:

  • Nutrition Challenge Winner (person with highest % weight loss overall) gets:
    • $200 in cash money (We are gonna “make it RAIN”!)
    • 1 Month Unlimited Free to SnoRidge aka “The House of Awesome”
    • 1 Year CrossFit Journal Subscription
  • Nutrition Challenge Runner-up gets:
  • Performance Challenge Winner (person with the highest % time improved overall; scaling will remain the same for test/re-test) gets:
    • RX Jump Rope of your choice (or Rogue Fitness gift certificate equivalent value if you own one)
    • 1 Year CrossFit Journal Subscription
  • Performance Challenge Runner-up gets:

Doubled Over

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) for 20 Minutes:

5 Knees-to Elbows
10 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
20 Double-Unders


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Julie hits the squat in the Wall Ball throw while Moe demos double-unders:

Julie_WB DUs with Moe

If you haven’t posted your size and are close to 250 WOD’s and want to purchase a 250 WOD Club T-Shirt then go here and post to comments so we can place the order by Friday!

“Stop the Slop” Nutrition and Performance Challenge Day 5 Update:

For those who have been logging their meals on I’ve been reviewing them daily. Here’s some observations, feedback, and random highlights thus far:

  • Keep it up! Keep logging your meals (you can name each meal to separate them)
  • Consult those Whole9/SRCF Nutrition guides and read them thoroughly
  • Keep putting in the detail in your logs. Things like sleep, quantity or servings, or how you feel are good to look back on the longer you go to see how the nutrition change is or is not effecting you.
  • Everyone is mostly eating well balanced meals of protein/fat/carb with cleaner ingredients for all of these macronutrients
  • Some of you should up the veggies!
  • Snacks consist mostly of a handful of “x” nuts, 1/2 apple or orange, hard boiled egg, or Lara Bar
  • When eating a snack, try to have some fat or protein with the carb source; i.e. 1/2 banana with almond butter or have a chicken lettuce wrap with avocado and peppers
  • Some post WOD nutrition items sounds so good I may hang out with you and beg after your WOD
  • Some breakfasts and dinners are so awesome I am going to show up on your doorstep
  • Lose the creamer substitutes in the coffee people! No Soy Delight, Coffee Mate, or “insert brand name of colorful carton of inflammation” here. Try unsweetened coconut milk (make sure it’s the full fat kind in the can found usually in the Asian food area of the gro-sto) or heavy whipping cream if you don’t like coconut milk and absolutely need to add to your coffee. (Note: I know heavy cream is against the preaching of the Paleo Gods. That said I would rather you use a splash of that to wean yourself off the partially hydrogenated poison of coffeemate or the evils of sugar spiked soy milk)
  • I have yet to see anyone list rice or pasta! 
  • Don’t drink SODA! Diet soda or plain soda does not matter. It is harmful and undoing everything you are doing in the day. If you need something with taste other than plain water try a little squeeze of lime or lemon in your water, Perrier or plain Talking Rain.
  • Alcohol is surprisingy not being reported, although someone listed 1/8 ounce of crack cocaine… 🙂
  • Everyone is making notable positive changes and doing well. Don’t quit! If you need help ask your trainers. Don’t expect us to tell you it’s okay to binge and cheat though! We will give you tough love and encourage you all at the same time.

If you aren’t using to log your meals, then don’t forget to write it down or use some sort of method to track them and turn them into us on Saturday.

Tomorrow we will detail the prizes for winners and runners-up of both the 6 week nutrition challenge and performance challenge (the emphasis on the prize pot will favor the nutrition winner and nutrition runner-up winner).


Part 2 of the insights into the main site WOD programming discussion from (I love this video series):

Tony Budding reviews the last WOD cycle – video [wmv] [mov]

Read: CrossFit Lisbeth: 15 Things CrossFit Has Taught Me About Life


“Bear Complex” 

Perform 5 rounds of 7 sets (complexes) of the following sequence:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press


  1. Bar must touch the ground each sequence but cannot rest on the ground or it terminates the set. 
  2. Goal is to increase loads each round to complete “The Bear” with max load.  
  3. Rest as needed between sets.
  4. No re-grip allowed.
  5. You must power clean the bar to full standing position before squatting the weight. (Deadlift to Hang Power Clean) is allowed.


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Josh tackles the “Bear”:

Josh tackles a Bear

First off who felt like they were mauled by a bear? This WOD usually fills you with doubt and dread, fearing that next set. The rule of no re-grip on the ground or letting the bar go makes this unique. Even more unique is the barbell complex (a series of lifts done together to equal one “set” or rep). A complex is useful in not only working several muscle groups but also in training movement. Who felt better about their form or technique with at least one of the required movements after the WOD was over? The repetition and focus on achieving the number required helps train technique and safety in either performing the reps together or bailing. If you are new and didn’t get as heavy as you like don’t worry, the right thing is to use this WOD to work on technique and adding weight later as you gain experience.

Bear Complex

Nutrition Challenge: This short preview video from the CrossFit Journal is a good example of how preparation of the week’s meals can keep you on course. If you are in the Challenge stay strict and log those foods. We are able to see everyone’s logs that are using so that helps in submissions. Expect feedback as the week’s tick by. Read your nutrition guides!

Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: Part 1” with Matt and Cherie Chan,CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Class Schedule Changes:

  • 0830am class every Tues/Thurs with Mark B
  • 0600am class moving to every Mon/Wed with Moe

This Thursday 1/13 we will start a 0830am class every Tues/Thurs with Mark B. If this time proves popular we will make it a keeper. If not Mark’s feelings will be deeply hurt and he will be an emotional mess for at least a week or so. Let’s help Mark have a happy face!

Beginning next week the 6am classes with Moe will shift to Mon/Wed at 6am. Everyone in the 6am class is prepared for this shift but if you are planning to get up and WOD at the crack of dawn note that the days are changing. This should better help both the coach and those who are in the class manage their schedules.

Attention Seahawks Fans! Blitz does CrossFit at CF Advantage:



2 Rounds for Time:
400m Run (or 500m Row for those who started with row)
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups


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Compare to Previous Results

Rona counting Amy:


Gotta love Baseline. Almost every time you do it you get a little faster, or move from one level of scaling to another, or find a way to make it harder. One of these days we will do a Rowing / Chest-to-Bar Pull-up Baseline. Or a Hand Release Push-up / Weighted Sit-up Baseline. So many possibilities…

As we are a couple days into our “Stop the Slop” Nutrition and Performance Challenge I felt it was a good WOD to program early in the cycle so that we can repeat it along with Jackie at the end to gauge improvement. Keep the focus on eating clean, make every rep count and see what happens in 6 weeks!

Speaking of eating clean, some of you and your coaches are posting what you are eating on Facebook to share and keep each other motivated. Keep it up! Share your recipes, ask for help if you need it.

Welcome to Heidi, Jeff, Rhonda and Julie are finished with Elements as of this week and will be joining classes! They still want to come after learning “tabata’s”!


Nutrition Discussion with CFHQ Trainer Todd Widman Upcoming Dates:

  • 1/13 at CrossFit Advantage: 6-8pm Cost $10
  • 1/25 at Imperial CrossFit: 5:30-7:30pm Cost $10
  • Several of us in the box are planning to go to Imperial for this. Let us know if you are interested. It’s worth it!

Stupid Human CrossFit tricks:

“Pull Up Innovation” with Pat Barber and Chris Spealler – video [wmv] [mov]

2011 CrossFit Games update:

The 2011 CrossFit Games: July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center will have a $1 Million total purse and $250K first prize thanks to Reebok

Jenna rocking push presses in her 3rd Trimester:

Jenna_Push Press Baseline

250th WOD Club

So many of you have reached (or are close to reaching) 250 WOD’s here in the box! That is an exclusive club and something we think you should be proud of. We have a 100th WOD Club already complete with a T-Shirt that you earn the right to purchase and wear ($15 – pictured below). If you have recently achieved 100 WOD’s and want a shirt then let us know as we have many different sizes in stock. The 250 T is the one way of wearing your accomplishment proudly.

If you have logged 250 WOD’s at SnoRidge CF then you can buy a distinctive T shirt that loudly says “KICKASS-TASTIC” (not literally but figuratively). Women’s will be Orchid Purple with light colored ink and Men’s will be Red with black ink. Both shirts are an American Apparel 50/50 blend.

If you have earned (or are getting close i.e. 200 plus) and want either of these shirts then please POST to comments with your size please so we can include in our order! Order is going in this Wednesday.

250th WOD Club T ($15):

250wodmockup Final

100th WOD Club T ($15):

100wodmockup-2 copy

We are also working on a long sleeve thermal for men and women in a Squatch-free “100 Words of Fitness” design. Will have SnoRidge CrossFit down one sleeve, a small SRCF logo on the front, and the 100 Words definition on the back (“100 Words” are on the top right of our site). Stay tuned.

Nutrition Tips From Your Fellow Coaches:

Paleo Food Prep

Mark B. shared his meal prep today: “Eating paleo takes too much time”

10 minutes in the am before work. Threw together am entire days worth of food. This is a typical day for me. I ate breakfast at home, and this will take me through the day at work and through the night at the fire station. 

Top container is 4 eggs mixed with some salsa. Bottom container is 6oz. Of ground turkey mixed with a salad mix from Costco, some brussel sprouts, and topped with some guac and salsa. Shake is a scoop and a half of protein powder, 1 spoonful of cocoa powder, and 2 spoonfulls of coconut milk. A bag of macadamia nuts and some fish oil pills.

Disclaimer: I know the shake is not paleo. I use it as a post WOD recovery since I cannot stomach chicken or sweet potatoes after a hard WOD. I use a pure whey protein powder that has minimal ingredients.

"Stop the Slop" Kicks Off! (Oh and Jackie Pays a Visit)

For Time:

1000m Row 
50 Thrusters (45#/33#)
30 Pull-ups


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Compare to Previous Results

Brad pulls and the women do thrusters:

Brad_Jumping PU Jackie Progression

Today was paleo-tastic! We had a pretty impressive crowd for the Nutrition and Performance Challenge and it looks like roughly 25 of you are in for the Challenge. If you missed taking your pics, weigh-in’s or completing “Jackie” you have Monday ONLY to make it up.

The next 6 weeks will be worthwhile. Complete your food logs, be strict, make healthy choices, read the info we gave out, ask questions, share recipes, and see it through! You can do anything you put your mind to, so don’t undo all the hard work you put in the gym everyday. The payoff is hey-uge and includes feeling great, getting leaner, and “re-setting” your metabolism! Remember: don’t think you are alone, look around the gym and you’ll see there are plenty of people in here to help.

Read Rob’s post on CrossFit Dad: Starting to Eat Paleo Tips

Various Info and Resources: 

Post WOD 5k run:

Post WOD Run

Winter Weather Policy: IF we get significant snowfall this coming week (or in general), please expect the 6am Classes to be cancelled. This is for the safety of everyone as the plowing up here doesn’t typically get into full swing early in the AM.

"Donkey Kong"

21, 15, 9 reps of each for Time:
Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
Box Jumps (24″/20″)


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Jeremy and his Friday 6pm crew:

Donkey Kong with Jeremy

“Stop the Slop” Nutrition and Performance Challenge kicks off tomorrow at 9am! 

Reposting from this past Sunday:

We are kicking off our Nutrition and Performance Challenge this Saturday on Jan. 8. It will run 6 weeks long until Feb. 19. This is not only a nutrition challenge but also a performance challenge. This is open to everyone in the box and we highly encourage you to participate.

Nutrition is the foundation of a solid fitness program and overall good health. You put the effort into your workout, put that into what you eat and watch how dramatic the results can be. While we encourage you to try a strict Paleo or Whole30 approach (as it will have the best results), we also realize some may not quite be there. For those “kinda motivated” individuals we want you to participate and still emphasize good choices and real food so you can see and feel the difference. You have the rest of the week to get ready or even get started! Think Paleo and not “Faileo”! (borrowed that term from Imperial CF)

A word on the Performance Challenge. The emphasis of “Stop the Slop” goes beyond what we choose to eat. It also encompasses how we workout and how we recover. 1st: Stop looking at the clock! Slow it down and set your feet, your back and your hands to do what you have been trained to do correctly. 2nd: Forget what the person next to you can lift and focus on what you can lift correctly. 3rd: Recover the right way. In addition to proper nutrition, stretch and get more sleep.

From little to no sleep or crappy reps with bad form, it’s all slop that we can do without. So for the next 6 weeks we will be even more vigilant as your coaches on demanding good reps and technique. This is for the collective good! When you are working out however, police yourself. When you short a squat, snag a double-under, half-ass a wall ball or push-up, don’t quite get your chin over that bar, or do the box jump “tango toe tap on the edge” thing, don’t count it. Do it over. Keeping those hips closed on an overhead squat? Push press look like you have been hanging out at the globo-gym again with the meatheads? How about the rounded back deadlift or reverse curl clean? Slow it down and do it right. That is why we train. It will pay off immensely. It will make your fitter, more efficient, and overall drive better results. Which is what we all want right? 

Details below:

  • Runs from Sat. 1/8 – Sat. 2/19 (kick-off this Sat. at 9am at the box)
  • Buy-In is $25 per person (a portion goes to the Nutrition Guide and the rest for the winner’s prize cashola)
  • Weigh-in & Waist Measurement before and end of challenge required; weekly weigh-in strongly encouraged
  • Pictures (men: no shirt/shorts, women: bathing suit or sports bra/shorts) of front, side and back view required – not to be published, only coaches will view)
  • Nutrition logs required and to be turned in at the end of each week (either manual or electronic – recommend
  • Winners will be crowned for Nutrition Challenge and Performance Challenge (details to be covered Saturday)
    • Nutrition winner will be the person with highest % weight loss overall
    • Performance winner will be the person with the highest % time improved overall (scaling will remain the same for test/re-test unless the athlete chooses to move from scaled to RX – this would be a “gamble”)
  • Prize cash money for top Nutrition and Performance winners, Cool swag and CrossFit treasure for runners-up
  • Benchmark Performance Test WOD “Jackie”: You will be paired up with another athlete to serve as your “judge/counter” to ensure everyone gets the most out of their “sweat equity”

Kick-off Schedule:

  • KICK OFF on Saturday 1/8:
    • 9am: 1 hour Discussion/Q & A and Challenge Overview with your coaches at the box
    • 10:15am: Benchmark Performance Test WOD: “Jackie” 
    • Weigh-In/Measurement
    • Buy-in will include a Whole9/SRCF Nutrition Guide and Whole30 Program handout (Comprehensive nutrition guide with practical info on how to implement, shop, prepare, and maintain a Paleo diet as well as a “how to” Whole 30 manual)
  • Monday 1/10:
    • Benchmark Performance Test WOD Make-up day: During normal class times


CrossFit Basic gets some good press in the Seattle Times: “Express fitness routines can trim holiday pounds from busy people” 

WTF? Cell Phone Step-ups and Mobility WOD?

Caption these photos:

Cell Phone Warm-up

Cell Phone Cool Down

Deadlift, Rest, Repeat 10 Times

Strength WOD:

Resting 60 Seconds Between Sets 

Deadlift 2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2

Check Out WOD Immediately After:


2 Rounds for Time:
20 Toes-to-Bar
20 AbMat Sit-ups
20 Overhead Sit-ups (35#/15#)


View this photo
View this photo

OH Sit-ups

Set to pull

Today I thought I would write about workout programming for the box and how I go about it. This was something I thought about after watching a recent video on the main site. Programming is tons of fun as well as tons of work. It may seem like it’s as simple as throwing stuff together and then writing it on the whiteboard, and while that can produce a good workout now and then it isn’t the recipe for long term success or effectiveness. Purpose is important and periodization can play a role. Identifying, training and improving weaknesses while building on strengths is vital. Changing workout formats and introducing new skills and challenges keeps it fun and raises the bar. Making it fun is the overall goal (in a sick CrossFit kind of way), because it has to be fun or leave you with a sense of being challenged to make you feel like the WOD was a worthy accomplishment on your path to fitness.

Each week I sit down on Sunday evenings and fully plan out the WOD’s for the next week. This cycle usually means I throw several extra WOD’s into the hopper that carry over to roughly 2 weeks worth of programming at a time. Looking at the past month to see what we have been training, and keeping an eye on the month(s) ahead; my goals are to keep it constantly varied with a constant swing between push/pull, squat/overhead, as well as across both time and modal domains. I look to balance weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio-respiratory endurance activities across short, medium, and long time-frame WOD’s. I search out gym-wide weaknesses and formulate a plan to address them, or begin teaching and practicing movements that are building blocks to more advanced movements. Another area to consider is building strength as it is vital to getting fitter. Increased strength and muscle mass are key to avoiding the old folks home and essential to living as we were meant to, which is ready and able to tackle the unknown. Putting in Benchmark and Hero WOD’s or ones that we have done previously are important as tests and make it “CrossFit”. On top of all that I consider how we keep a balance across the basic fundamentals and advanced skills while also working on ways to ensure individual progress is being made across all of you athletes who have different fitness levels and goals.

Michelle helps me as my sounding board every week (and as the voice of reason) and I also get inputs from some of our fellow coaches, other boxes or look through the archives of The WOD’s from .com are always hard. Usually they are deceiving and the simplest ones are the ones that either catch my eye, or make me want to try them to see why they must be so challenging. For the WOD’s we program in our gym I try to at least either have done them in the past, recently done them a few days prior with myself or other coaches, or trust that they are good because of the source (like or another box we respect – which are many). Michelle regularly follows our programming. For me, it is my personal policy to do or have previously done at least 3 out of every 5 WOD’s each week (not counting a rest day, we program six). This leaves me a couple days to fit in other new or different WOD’s to add to the mix, address my own weaknesses or learn new skills. 

This is one of the most challenging yet fun parts of it (besides coaching of course). The immense pride and satisfaction Michelle and I get from seeing all of you splayed out on the floor in sweaty heaps unable to talk after a WOD lets us know we did our job! Just kidding. The real satisfaction is seeing each of you hit new PR’s, learn new movements, get a heavier lift, or nail the form and technique of something that has been building on itself week after week. Most importantly watching each of you realize your goals, lose weight, run races or fit in new clothes is the icing on the cake. Seeing the community we have built in the gym jump in and teach one another something as simple as a pass through to explaining the age-old question “What’s a thruster?” means WOD after WOD that it’s working. Is it perfect? No. Can it be? Probably not. Will we try to make it better each and every week with sound and solid programming? Yes. That is because as in the WOD itself where each day the question is “what do I have to give?”, so it is when I sit down at the computer on Sunday and ask “what do I have in store to get our people fitter?”. 

Insights into how programming is done for the main site from Tony Budding reviews the last WOD cycle – video [wmv] [mov]


Who’s interested in a 0830 class either 1 or 2 times per week? So far we have one vote for it and a possible 2nd. We want to offer the class time with Mark if it works for you. Post to comments.


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