Push It

5 Rounds for Time:

400m Run
10 Push Press (95#/65#)
20 Push-ups


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Late WOD Cheerleaders:

The 7pm Cheering Section

Some have noticed the WOD’s are long this week. Constantly varied! Sometimes it’s good to keep it unknown and unknowable. We’ve got to keep you on your toes somehow and vary that programming. After the last few days it was time to ensure a good push day and work in some runs. With the weather improving and the Cinco De Mayo 8k and 1/2 race coming up it’s a good bet we will try to run more up until race day. If yo haven’t registered yet make sure you sign up in the box by Monday which is the last day to pre-register and save some money.

Push It up:

Chiseled Nan Lockout_Bridget

The Finer Points of Tire Flipping” Preview with Kurtis Bowler Rainier CrossFit on the CrossFit Journal [wmv] [mov]


Saturday schedule: No 9am WOD for the Affiliate Team. We will have a 10am and 11am WOD for everyone so sign up in the comments.  We will be able to handle 10 at 10am and the rest at 11am. It should be nice and sunny out so let’s get outside and drop some bumpers or swing some hammers! Post to comments for which time you will be at. So far I have Jana at 10am.

  Pat’s duties in the box have expanded to include Squatch Watch kids supervision. 

Use at your own discretion:

Pat showing Giana who's the Boss

Pics of the WOD:



Strength WOD:



* Work up to 1RM (1 Rep Max)

Tons of PR’s today in the house!

Lucy DL Queen of the Deadlift Deb DL
 Jana DL Jorge DL Sangeeta DL 

Check Out WOD Immediately After:

5 Rounds for Time:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Supermans
10 Ring Rows


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Synchronized Ring Rows with Steph and Mariela: 

Ring Rows

Scaled Superwoman for Prego’s:

Scaling the Superwoman

Core work today! Not “Abs of Steel” but a solid WOD with an emphasis on the hollow position, and instruction on the Hollow Rock, Superman and Ring Row. All important movements and when linked together are good for the abs and core stabilizers. These will be worked more often along with ring supports, L-sits and tuck holds, planks, bar hangs, kipping and other fun things to get those six packs working. Oh and Shoot-Throughs! 

Also Jana had a couple great ideas for our next challenge(s) that we will start in a couple weeks; the first being “Sit-up Challenge”. Stay tuned!


Go watch “Ring Dip Standards” from CrossFit.com [wmv] [mov

This will be the preferred method for RX. Shoulder below elbow, hip travel legit. Kipping is okay but you better have the strict ring dip in your toolbox before you pull out the kip. Practice pre or post WOD.

If you are planning to attend the 2010 CF Games Northwest Regionals on May 15-16th In Puyallup and want to volunteer along with Rona, Rob and Sangeeta go sign up here.


Set up before a clock, and every minute on the minute for a minimum of 10 minutes perform:

4 Hang Power Cleans (95#/65#)
20 Air Squats

Can you continue for 12 minutes? 15 minutes? Get to 20? (WOD Capped at 20 minutes) Record rounds and partials completed in 20 minutes or less.

* Must complete 10 minutes (or 10 rds.) minimum
** If you fall behind the clock continue to ten rounds. For each round not completed within the 1 minute window (up to 10 min.) you must perform 10 burpees/min. penalty after the WOD. 
*** Get past 10 minutes and add weight to the bar for Hang PC 


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  Happy Birthday Bonnie! We hope you enjoyed your brutally fun WOD and that you had a wonderful birthday. 

Hang Power Bonnie Cleans for time:

Birthday Toss

Bonnie and her Birthday crew at the 7pm WOD:

Bonnie with her Birthday Gang

Today I learned firsthand that you all are either a bunch of insanely fit gladiators in training or that a few of you are really extraterrestrials hiding on our planet…

Why? Well, the morning groups broke the WOD (as Jeremy D. coined it)! You broke Bonnie’s birthday WOD! The goal was that the hang cleans and squats would creep up and take longer and longer and that at around 15-25 minutes max all would be done. Instead I now have actual proof that aliens live among us. It is inhuman to think that someone could go for 40 minutes of this and yet Mark B. did just that. He just kept going and going… Others too reached some pretty high numbers. So we made an adjustment midday and set a 20 minute cap and added that after 10 minutes you must add weight to the barbell. We then did this WOD with the late classes and it proved a good adjustment. How much you added was on you, and that made the difference. Going heavier definitely made it a new challenge. Speaking of aliens, I failed to mention that Pat and Jeremy O. completed the Horrible Hundred yesterday. That would be two times through the Filthy Fifty over an early AM class and a late PM class! 

Coaching Tip: When performing an air squat start with your feet underneath your hips or slightly wider. Let your toes naturally angle outward and not straight ahead. Initiate the squat by sending your hips back as your hands come out and up to force the chest high while looking through your hands. Keep your weight on your heels and maintain a tight core and lumbar curve. Squat low enough to ensure your hip breaks below the line of your knee. Keep your knees behind your toes and drive your heels into the ground as you rise up out of the bottom. Maintain a steady neutral gaze throughout. Pull your hands back to the side and stand up fully to open the hips to full extension.

Nan Air Squats


Mark communicating with the Mother Ship after completing his mission of destroying the WOD:

Mark_Pure Alien

 Look for the “Parallette Shoot-Through” with Jeff Tucker coming to a box near you: [wmv] [mov]

"Filthy Fifty"

For Time:

50 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
50 Jumping Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings  (35#/26#)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to Elbows
50 Push Press  (45#/33#)
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
50 Burpees
50 Double-Unders


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Open hips, good swings and chin over:

Open Hips

Steph KB Swing Deb Jumping Pull-up

The mother of all chippers. Yes blame me. Solely me. I programmed the week out and thought we needed a chipper. A hard one. Prior to choosing this I thought, “What haven’t we done in a long while. Hmmm, I hate the Filthy Fifty, I have no desire at all to do this one, it would be a great way for everyone to start the week. Why not?” Plus a few of you had even asked when they would get a shot at it. I went to bed without telling Michelle the WOD so that she wouldn’t attempt to change my mind. So when we woke up this morning Michelle asked what the WOD was I told her and got the patented Michelle “Really? Seriously?” quote. I then darted out of the house before she could kill me. Suffice to say judging by the turnout I guess you all (Michelle and Moe included) don’t hate me as much as I imagine. Looks like I will need to try harder.

Here’s the post from the last time we did it. 


Today we set a box PR! We had 32 people for the WOD and 4 for Elements! Welcome to Michelle D., Annette, Natasha and Doug who all started Elements together.

This Saturday the 9am Affiliate Team time slot is cancelled as we will be at an exclusive Art Show at our daughters school. Class will be on at 10am and 11am. Affiliate team show up and train at either time with the Saturday WOD.

Paleo/Zone Nutrition Challenge Winners (Rona, Rob S. and Jim M.) pick up the pot winnings tomorrow at the box. Rachel see us for your shirt and also to schedule your BodyFat Test.

Snatching Nancy

5 Rounds for time: 
400m Run
3 Power Snatch (95#/65#)
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)


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Sangeeta and a nice Overhead Squat:

Sangeeta OH Squat

This main site WOD is similar to Nancy but adds the three Power Snatches and then was supposed to move the run to last. Whoopsie, looks like you all ran first today by mistake. Consider it a treat, at least we didn’t add in burpees.

Mark B. demonstrating his awesome skills frequently as a demo boy at the CF Gymnastics Cert:

Demo Boy_2 Demo Boy_3

Today is a light post, I’m beat from the week and Day One today of the CF Gymnastics Certification with Jeff Tucker; who is an amazingly colorful and skilled coach. What do you expect from a guy from Texas who has a background that includes elite competitive gymnastics, law enforcement, EOD, firefighting, calf roping and rodeo, university level coaching, running the TCU Cheer-leading program, running a hugely successful CrossFit box and Gymnastics/Martial Arts athletic center and being the subject matter expert for CrossFit in Gymnastics? 

The day has been filled with incredible cues, tips, progressions, exercises and overall fun. When this is over expect to see a greater emphasis on a few things: better warm-ups, flexibility focus, drilling proper form vs. a fast time, and building strength to properly execute the movements we are aspiring to do as RX’d. For example, this means doing rings dips with the right range of motion (scaled or not). Or doing skill drills to enforce true push-ups, dead hang pull-ups and exercises to build core strength and the hollow position. You get strong first so you can go faster. Not the other way around. 

For those who did “The Bear Complex” watch this video of Rob Orlando performing it with 200#!

Rob Orlando does the Bear with 200 lbs [wmv] [mov]

"Burpee Hell" the Re-Match

10 Rounds for time: 
10 Pull-ups
10 Burpees


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Rob and the Beauty of the Burpee:

Perfect Burpee_Rob

Deb Burpee Jana Burpee Nan Burpee 

These pictures are burpees done right. The finish needs to end with a vertical jump and clap overhead. There were some pretty ugly burpees today and many that resembled the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. Don’t be in such a race that you look like you are attempting a behind the head clapping push-up (I love this pic):

Jumpless Burpee 

Strive for completing the burpee correctly and finishing upright. Why you may ask? Is it because we as your coaches are sick, twisted and sadistic? Partially that answer is yes. The main reason though is because it means you achieve hip extension when you do it correctly. Hip extension is what we want as it relates to so many of the movements we practice to get fitter, faster, and stronger. Michelle coached me today in pointing out during my WOD that while performing power cleans I was bending the arms early and not opening my hip. The result? Inefficient technique led to less reps and earlier grip fatigue on the bar. Practicing the technique correctly will set you up for better results and better movement. Start with the burpee.  Let those hips fly open! 


Class sign ups for Saturday: please post to comments in the previous post. 10am, 11am are on! Either time just come in. 

Affiliate Team training is at 9am and there will be make-up WOD’s for those of you trying for the team who missed this week. All others will do the same Saturday WOD.

Read: “Breakfast of Champions” on PaleoBrands.com  

What are you eating for breakfast?

Saturday Sign-ups!

9am Affiliate Team

10am Class: 1st 8 total post to comments for sign-up. (Bridget and Mark are #1-2)

11am Class: post to comments for sign-up.

Come workout or the Terminator will come get you:

Rob AKA the Terminator

On To The Next Round

As Many Rounds As Possible In 20 Minutes For Time:

400m Run
10 Ring Dips
10 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
10 AbMat Sit-ups


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Nan running it in:

Nan Run It In

Epic race today! Rob S. and Jeremy D. going at it for round after round. These two didn’t stop:

Race is On


My apologies to messing up Kim’s scaling on the Whiteboard, she did assisted ring dips with feet on the box, not hands on the box. 

Welcome to Warren and Sashank who started Elements Parts 1 and 2 this week! 2 down, one to go!

Watch “Insulin and Bodyweight” preview with Dr. Scott Connelly and Coach Greg Glassman for a very thought provoking discussion [wmv] [mov]

Workout ‘B’ from the Norcal Sectionals [wmv] [mov]


3 Rounds for time: 
500m Row 
12 Deadlift (Bodyweight)
21 Box Jump (24″/20″)


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Row Coaching

Sunset Row Deadlift Duo 

What was worse? The row, the deads, or the box jump? Consensus: The Box Jump. No wonder this old benchmark has a name. It has since been modified by most to make the men’s box jump the 24″ height, which I think is more fair (outside of Fight Gone Bad which is 20″ across the board). Nothing like rowing and deadlifts to remove your ability to jump. Great job on all the PR’s from the previous time we did this one.

Christine with Pat Barber from 2007 on crossfit.com [wmv] [mov]

Coaching Tip: The Box Jump

The box jump seems obvious, intuitive, a no brainer. However the key to the box jump as RX’d is a series of movements. 

  1. Explosively jump, using your arms to build momentum.
  2. Land on the top of the box (in our gym ideally you land with at least half your foot on the top of the box; not toes on edge)
  3. Jump or step off with full hip extension or “open hip” as you jump off. If you step down ensure you first stand up on the top. 
  4. Hip should open above or at least level with the top of the box. 
  5. As you hit the ground rebound back into the next box jump.

Kim and the box jump:

Box Jump Progression_Kim - 1 Box Jump Progression_Kim - 2 Box Jump Progression_Kim - 3 Box Jump Progression_Kim - 4

The jump that doesn’t open at the hip as you come off the box or has a closed hip and opens below the top of the box is not ideal. Stepping down is fine, just less power output than rebounding. Stepping up is also not preferred unless you are scaling or working on moving towards jumping or moving up in height. While the work is the same to step (moving your mass up to the same distance or height of the box), it does not ideally achieve the purpose of training with the box jump. The movement is designed to teach hip extension. Powerful hip extension. This is something that is leveraged in so much of what we do (clean, snatch, squat, push press and jerk, wall ball, kipping pull-up, muscle-up, deadlift, kettlebell swing, etc.); and leads to better fitness and athleticism and efficiency of technique in any sport or activity we participate in.

"Mauled By A Bear"

“Bear Complex”


Perform 5 rounds of 7 sets (complexes) of the following sequence:

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press


  1. Bar must touch the ground each sequence but cannot rest on the ground or it terminates the set. 
  2. Goal is to increase loads each round to complete “The Bear” with max load.  
  3. Rest as needed between sets.
  4. No re-grip allowed.
  5. You must power clean the bar to full standing position before squatting the weight. (Deadlift to Hang Power Clean) is allowed.


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Shhhhh, the Bears are sleeping. Crap they are awake!

Angry Bears

Teamwork with John and Eli:


Complexes are oh so fun. They are a great opportunity to practice form and technique, and also reward efficient movement. The more efficient the technique means a heavier load, a faster time, and the ability to do more work. The Bear Complex is both a strength and a conditioning workout. It’s designed to give you a cardio effect while also pushing you to raise the load with each round if you can. It becomes a mental challenge and as your body screams to put the bar down it’s up to you to force yourself to hang on, get efficient, and push through the complex. 

Something I failed to mention yesterday was the WOD’s this week are the ones that we are using to select the 6 who will make up our Affiliate Team for the CF Games Regional Qualifiers on May 15-16th. The Advanced Skills Test (from Sat.), Baseline (Mon.), the “Bear” and tomorrow’s WOD will be used to rank those trying out in terms of finish and the top 6 overall will make the team. The makeup of the team will be 3 men and 3 women. We picked these WOD’s because we felt they fairly represented both basic and advanced movements that are most likely required to participate in team workouts. No matter what we are proud of all who came out, threw their names in the hat and trained hard these past few months.  We will announce the team once it’s set.

Coaching Tip: The Behind the Neck Push Jerk

Note how Moe completes the back squat and before moving to the push press/jerk she repositions both her stance and grip. This is the first step in being efficient. She then dips vertically and drives upward with both a push press and extension of the hips to drive the bar upward. As the hips open the bars travels up. She instantly begins to pull under the bar while simultaneously completing the press and locking out overhead (more jerk than push press as the load is heavy). As she lands under the bar locked out she finishes the rep by standing tall before lowering the bar (not pictured).

Behind the Neck Push Jerk or Press - 1 Behind the Neck Push Jerk or Press - 2 Behind the Neck Push Jerk or Press - 3


Behind the Neck Push Jerk or Press - 4 Behind the Neck Push Jerk or Press - 5


The Snoqualmie Cinco De Mayo 8k and 1/2 Marathon on May 1st is fast approaching. Sign up in the box and join the rest of your fellow Squatches for a great run next month. Everyone’s doing it, why not you?

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