"Hell-in: Week of the Games Day 4"

2010 CF Games Individual Event 2: “Pyramid Double Helen or Hell-in” [Men’s recap / Women’s recap]

Final Heat 3-2-1 Go

Speal vs. Holmberg Annie Butterfly

For time:

Run 1200 meters
63 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
36 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters
42 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
24 Pull-ups
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
12 Pull-ups

Top 2010 CF Games times: Men’s – Graham Holmberg 16:59, Women’s – Annie Thorisdottir 17:53


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Sangeeta reflecting on Hell-in:


This was definitely “HELL-in”.  Appropriately named, reputation earned! This is a demanding workout both in terms of cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning. Essentially one giant chipper; the decreasing distance and reps represent the “light at the end of the workout”. As the forearms burn the pull-ups begin to falter and grip strength and pulling power become a huge challenge along with the jackhammer in your chest. Simply willing yourself to keep running, swinging, and pulling is a battle in and of itself.

Fight Gone Bad V is coming!


If you are reading this please consider signing up and creating your own fundraising page. This event (we also did FGB IV last September with CF Redmond) benefits Livestrong, The Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation. Read more here. The money that CF Affiliates across the country raise will go towards cancer research and the CrossFit Foundation (which benefits military, law enforcement and first responder communities with fitness equipment assistance). 

Raise $150 and you will receive a limited edition shirt. We plan to host this on a date in late September (TBD) as the official date of 9/25 conflicts with a cert we will be at. Have no fear though we already have approval from them to pick a different date. So register, pick “SnoRidge CrossFit” under team name and get started fundraising! 

Warrior Dash is coming! 

Several of us have mentioned or have already registered for the supposedly “most insane obstacle race” in America. Doubtful however it looks like a blast. Date is 9/12 in Oregon and times are filling up. Some of us are registered for the 11 – 12 heats. If interested click here. Let’s get a good group to go down, put on our Viking gear and run through fire, mud, and water!


Tomorrow class is 10am and 11am. Post to comments if you are in for the 10am as first 8 will get prioirity. It’s Day 5 of our “Week of the Games” and will be an Affiliate Cup Event.

Want to see a CrossFitter easily pull over 600 lbs. on a deadlift? Watch Dave Lipson pull 651! [wmv] [mov]

"Deadlift: Week of the Games Day 3"

2010 CF Games Masters Event 2: 1RM Deadlift

Strength WOD:


Checkout WOD immediately after:

2010 CF Games Affiliate Cup Team Event 2

Affiliate WOD 2

For Max Reps: 

1 Min Max Reps Deadlift (265#/175#)
1 Min Rest
1 Min Max Reps Pistols (alternating leg)
1 Min Rest
1 Min Row For Max Calories


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Adriana screaming her way to a PR:

Adriana DL PR 

27 people went into the box today to attempt a 1 rep max (1RM) deadlift. All 27 hit a new PR! How cool is that? Chest bumps and high fives! I tried to get pics of everyone’s PR lift but couldn’t be everywhere at once. My apologies for those who I didn’t get a picture of. That just means you get to PR again next time!

New box Deadlift records: Mark B. with a lift of 465# and Lucy with a lift of 243#

Pics of Deadlift Mania 2010:



Congrats to Pat who this past weekend rode the 200 mile STP (Seattle to Portland) bike race in only 1 day with a time under 12 hours! Pretty amazing considering around 90% of the 10,000 riders take two days to complete it with an overnight stop. Pat told me today he owed it to CrossFit!

"Do Work: Week of the Games Day 2"

Inspired by the 2010 CF Games Individual Men’s and Women’s Event 4 Sandbag Move for time:

Sandbag Move

For time:

Move a set of bumpers/plates (250/145 lb.) from point A to B (150 ft.)

  • Sprint to the “wall” of plyo boxes, perform 10 burpee box jumps (24″/20″)
  • You will be given a barbell(45#/33#) and collars
  • Carry your bumpers to the “loading” area, load bar and transport bumpers 150 ft. to unload area, stack bumpers/plates in pairs
  • Complete 10 burpee box jumps each trip required to unload/load your device
  • Only two RX transport methods:
    • Overhead Barbell Carry 
    • Zercher Carry


  • One Overhead Carry minimum required!
  • Bar may not be rolled on the ground; if you drop it, clean it up
  • Time stops when all bumpers are returned and stacked in the start area and burpee box jumps are complete


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Quote of the day: “Effort only releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”

Rona Zercher Pain

This WOD was all about getting work done. Given a task, a set of rules, and a device to transport it, it was up to you to strategize how to complete it with as few of trips and as fast as possible. After the morning class served as guinea pigs for the WOD, we tinkered with it to make it a little harder, adding more reps to the burpee box jumps and requiring at least one overhead barbell carry among other things. This final version was quickly tested by a group of us and deemed worthy of a good WOD. Cathy however is my new official WOD helper as she constantly recommended things to make it harder (like wearing a weight vest)! 

Hope you liked it, the Week of the Games continues tomorrow…

Overhead Barbell Carry

Zercher Carry Gang Zercher Carry M

Kristy Zercher


Many of you watched the Games webcast live this weekend. For those who missed WOD 1 for the men and women, it is now online to watch:

Final heats of the Muscle-up/Snatch Event at the 2010 CF Games:

Women’s Heat 4 [wmv] [mov]

Men’s Heat 4 [wmv] [mov]

"Fran: Week of the Games Day 1"

“Week of the Games”: 

From the Master’s Competition “Fran”

For time:

21-15-9 reps of the following

Thrusters (95#/65#)



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Mark does “Firefighter Fran”:

Firefighter Fran

Quote of the day: “Nobody looks nervous, so I’m assuming you all haven’t done Fran before.” ~ Michelle

“UGH! Don’t SAY that!” ~ Tara

Fran Silhouette 5 Alarm Fire

One of the great things about CrossFit (besides wanting to feel like you are dying every single WOD and then flopping on the floor) is the community. Here are several examples:

This weekend Michelle and I were able to reenergize by spending a weekend at the CrossFit Games in LA with great friends, amazing athletes, and all around cool people that make up our community. 

While we were away many of you unwittingly became Curtis’s SnoRage guinea pigs in a couple park team WOD’s that undoubtedly featured lots of laughs, confusion and trademark Curtis Rage. Thanks Curtis for getting everyone together and kicking some butt in the park!

We opened up the box today and had a great turnout including three drop-in’s. It was great meeting Dan and Donna who are CF’ers from Northern CA and Laura who was a newbie trying out her first WOD. These three all came in, met several of you and pushed their own limits while taking time to meet and greet. Talk about great examples of our community, two are on vacation (Dan and Donna) and hitting up CF gyms on the road, and the other (Laura) is a friend of Jana’s who was convinced to come give CrossFit a shot. Oh and congrats to Dan for achieving his 1st Fran as RX’d while in our box!

During each class today each crew achieved new PR’s and supported each other to finish and finish fast. People helped coach, cheer, or simply push their fellow CrossFitter through a mean benchmark workout. 

Old Guys Rule

These small examples are just a few reasons why it’s not just a workout and why it’s so damn hard to answer the simple question “What is CrossFit”? It’s a workout, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a community. We are grateful to be apart of it and even more grateful you all are too.

Visitors Dan and Donna SnoRage Park Crew

Two frickin’ cool videos that motivate me right back into the gym:

The 2010 CrossFit Games Adidas Commercial with Speal and Heather Bergeron [wmv] [mov]

Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games by CrossFit Again Faster [wmv] [mov]

Saturday WOD Reminder!

Saturday 7/17 WOD: 10am at Swenson Park (over in Deer Park off Snoqualmie Parkway and Swenson Dr.) Curtis will be leading a team WOD. Show up and have some fun! Meet on the basketball court. Post to comments or let Curtis know if you are in!

Lucy Rope Climb

The 2010 CrossFit Games are here!

4 Rounds for Time:

50m Walking Lunges
50 Sit-ups

Today, Saturday and Monday we are closed! We are at the 2010 CrossFit Games!

We are in LA watching the Games at the Home Depot Center. Stay tuned for updates and check the Games site for the latest. Also you can watch a live feed on the right hand side of this page.

If CF Were Easy Tshirt

Watch The History of the CrossFit Games [free video download on the CF Journal]

Saturday 7/17 WOD: 10am at Swenson Park (over in Deer Park off Snoqualmie Parkway and Swenson Dr.) Curtis will be leading a team WOD. Show up and have some fun! Meet on the basketball court. Post to comments or let Curtis know if you are in!

Max Effort Day

Max Effort Day (Choose a minimum of 4):

Row 500m Max Effort
Run 400m Max Effort
Row 1000m Max Effort 
Standing Box Jump Max Height (Scale up to hit max height)
Dead Hang Pull-ups Max Reps
Pull-ups Max Reps 
Kettlebell Swings Max Reps (53#/35#)
Double-Unders Max Reps
Push-ups Max Reps
Max Plank Hold for Time
Muscle-Ups Max Reps
Handstand Push-ups Max Reps
Handstand Hold for Time
*Rest as needed between max effort exercises

** Extra Credit: Learn to rope climb


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“Moving On Up” with Rob:

Rob Max Box Jump

Previous Max Effort Results (10/10/09)

Rona Rope Climb Jana Rope Climb

Jeremy Box Jump Joe 1st Rope Climb

Just another manic Fun-day! Some days you just need to know what you can do if you go all out and see how many reps you can get or how fast you can go. Today you had to pick at least 4 from the list and go for it. All of you hit a PR and displayed some mad skills!

Use these as mini-benchmarks for setting goals and getting stronger. Use the row and run times for helping learn your pace for going hard and fast. Then pick a date and break the new PR’s you set today!

Lucy fitting in time for a WOD while in Maui last week:

Lucy_Maui Run_WOD


Friday, Saturday and Monday we are closed! We are at the 2010 CrossFit Games!

Saturday 7/17 WOD: 10am at Swenson Park (over in Deer Park off Snoqualmie Parkway and Swenson Dr.) Curtis will be leading a team WOD. Show up and have some fun! Meet on the basketball court. Post to comments or let Curtis know if you are in!


For Load:

15-12-9 reps of 
Clean and Jerk


  1. Choose a weight
  2. Touch and Go only at the floor; no dumping
  3. No Re-grip allowed
  4. Rest only off the ground and as needed between sets 
  5. Use same load each set to be RX’d


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A Couple of Jerks:

Jenna_Push Jerk Sean_Push Jerk

This is an old WOD from the main site that has made numerous appearances over the years. It is traditionally supposed to include squat cleans over power cleans, but like Grace and Isabel the several posts I found never clearly specify squat for power so for our purposes it’s any type of clean and push jerk or split jerk. Maybe next time this will be squat clean and jerks only.

I did this WOD once in my garage and not as RX’d as I adjusted the weight. My notes from this said “Massive Suck! Makes Grace seem easy. Fought like Hell each set to not give up.” Reading that strangely made me want to program it in. Then I started it today and reached ten reps and thought “Oh shit, why did I program this in?”

Special thanks to Jeremy D. for running the 7pm class tonight. We owe you!

Thursday is Funday! We will be choosing from several exercises and movements for a bunch of max efforts. Bring long socks too if you want to learn how to climb the rope. 


No 6am Class and note that Friday, Saturday and Monday we are closed! We are at the 2010 CrossFit Games!

Saturday 7/17 WOD: 10am at Swenson Park (over in Deer Park off Snoqualmie Parkway and Swenson Dr.) Curtis will be leading a team WOD. Show up and have some fun! Meet on the basketball court. Post to comments or let Curtis know if you are in!

Moe is on vacation in CA and has been dropping in at Mike’s Gym for Oly LIfting workouts. She also met up with Coach Burgener (CrossFit Olympic Lifting and USA Weightlifting Coach). Too cool!

Moe and Coach Burgener