Max Meters

Conditioning WOD:

Row As Many Meters As Possible in 12 Minutes

Checkout WOD:

Rest as needed after row then complete:

“Mini Flight Simulator

For time:


* Each set must be unbroken before moving to the next set. You must stop at the end of each set and restart jumping for the next set.
** Sub 3:1 Single-Unders each round, unbroken


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The American Kettlebell Swing (front and side view with Linda and Kelli):

KB Swing_Linda KB Swing_Side_Kelli

  • Straight arms, firm grip
  • Solid midline
  • No hyperextension of the lower back
  • Swing is primarily hip drive and hing forward and back
  • Chest is up througout

Not the full version of OPT’s Flight Simulator, but this shortened version is good jump rope practice. If this becomes easy work up by the next round of 5 (each round must be unbroken) and keep adding until you get good enough to get through the round of 50 and back down.

CrossFit Games Update: April 23, 2014 – [video]