Run, Deadlift

As Many Rounds As Possible for 12 Minutes (AMRAP):
400m Run
5 Deadlifts 

* Post Load and Time (Use a DL that is heavy with good form)


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Rob hitting a round solo:

Rob DL

Previous Results 

Deadlifts looked great today. For the late classes I got to see and coach the form and warm-ups were right on point and people were approaching this WOD with the right loads to ensure a good deadlift. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the 10 minutes to warm-up your dead and “pick your load” and go format. Congrats to Matt who PR’d his deadlift during the deadlift warm-up portion at 305#! That’s over 2x his bodyweight!

Amy and Laura demo a solid “Set” and “Finish” position of a deadlift:

Amy_Set Position Laura_DL Finish Position

Tomorrow’s WOD is the CrossFit Games Open 11.3. If you are interested in learning about the WOD and movements there is an instruction video at the link as well as explanation of the WOD. For those in the Open Competition and going tomorrow we wish you the best of luck and will be here to help judge, strategize and attack it. For Lucy and Pat who are on vacation and performing this workout abroad this week go forth and kick ass and take names!

Video “ESPN” style of the CF Games Open: Update on the Open: Week 2.


Welcome to Michelle D., Nate, Ely and Justin who all started Elements with us!

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Goal Setting with lululemon athletica at our box!

  • Who: lululemon athletica
  • What: Goal Setting Seminar! 

    • Goal setting (and a true commitment to your goals) is the most powerful way to take control of your future, and create what you want in your life. This seminar will provide some basic tools to help you set more clear and more powerful goals. 
  • When: April 8th, Friday 7-8pm
  • Where: Here at the box
  • Details: This is free! Get started on setting your goals NOW. 

    • Use this opportunity to set new goals, complete the exercise, and put something down that you will commit to and see through
    • Everyone always says they have a goal, but often things sidetrack them and get in the way. Put those excuses aside and get started. Make goals for yourself here in the box that you will hold yourself accountable for and go after and achieve. 
    • Please bring a pen, and something to take notes on. 
  • RSVP: Post to comments or sign up in the box on the whiteboard