4 RFT: Run and Air Squats

4 RFT: Run and Air Squats

4 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
50 Air Squats
* COVID Shutdown Day 1: You do not have to use mats!!!

Update: Gym closed until 3/31 by State and King County Policy applying to all health/fitness clubs

No results will be posted but for those on beyondthewhiteboard.com you can see gym activity by clicking “Squads” in the App and then expanding “Activity”.  You can also message each other.

We will be allowing a one KB or DB as well as one jump rope checkout policy soon and I will have an update tomorrow along with times to pick up for those who need a piece of equipment. We ask that if you have equipment in a home gym to try to make do so others can get something who don’t have it.
Follow the blog here or on btwb.com for daily workout’s you can do at home. I will try to program WOD’s that utilize little to no equipment and will wait to program with a jump rope or DB/KB until after we finalize the checkout process.

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