EMOM for 8 mins: Snatch & FT: Double Unders and Squat Snatch

EMOM for 8 mins: Snatch

1 Snatch, pick load

Every 1 min for 8 mins.

FT: Double Unders and Squat Snatch

For time:
50 Double Unders
5 Squat Snatches, pick load
40 Double Unders
4 Squat Snatches, pick load
30 Double Unders
3 Squat Snatches, pick load
20 Double Unders
2 Squat Snatches, pick load
10 Double Unders
1 Squat Snatch, pick load

Photo by @snoridgecrossfit

Schedule Change for Summer:

Starting June 3rd the Saturday class schedule will be one WOD from 9am -10am for summer months

  • 9-10am only Saturdays: 6/3 through 9/23


Memorial Day Murph:
Monday 5/29: We will be programming Memorial Day Murph and running only 3 class times:
  • 8:30am
  • 9:30am
  • 10:30am
  • All other class times are cancelled
Sign up on MindBody and come make Bob T‘s last class 😢 before he moves a good sendoff. As usual, we will program the full, 1/2, and team version. Want to do something different this year? Do the team version with both partners wearing a vest, try a new rep format, or go without a vest and see how fast you can go.