As many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:
200m Run With Medicine Ball (20#/14#)
20 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
8 Deadlifts (275#/185#)
1 20 ft. Rope Climb

Post total rounds.

In memory of Sam Saimo, 21, of Snoqualmie, WA, who died on August 20, 2016. Sam was a beloved member of SnoRidge CrossFit. He is survived by his parents, Dan and Jeannie; brother Will; and sister Julia. With heavy hearts we offer our prayers and condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.
Carrying the ball signifies carrying Sam with you. Do not put him down. He loved running, heavy deadlifts and rope climbs. Climbing to 20 feet puts you a little closer to him. 
Scale 1 Rope Climb (20 ft.) to a lower height or to 3 Supine Rope Climbs. Adjust deadlift appropriately. 
We will program this WOD annually going forward to honor Sam. 

Photos by @robcwilson

We had a great turnout for Sam’s memorial Workout on Saturday with 48 people all carrying Sam with them in their hearts and also in their hands with their med ball. An emotional morning for me and for so many; it was particularly great for me to see the Saimo family (Dan and Will) come out to join us and see everyone. It was a morning about love and family; and also a morning of remembrance. Sam is always with us and we miss him everyday.
This year with the new version of Sam’s shirt we are hoping to raise around $1200-$1400 to go towards the scholarship fund in his name. As soon as the shirts arrive we will let everyone know.


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