Strict Pull-ups: 3×10 & FT: Rows and Power Snatch Chipper

Strict Pull-ups: 3×10

Strict Pull-ups 3×10

Rest as needed between sets.
* 3 sets of 10 strict PU or scale to a number you can do for all three sets or complete 3 x 10 supine ring rows.

FT: Rows and Power Snatch Chipper

For time:
Row 500m
25 Power Snatches (75#/55#)
Row 400m
20 Power Snatches
Row 300m
15 Power Snatches
Row 200m
10 Power Snatches
Row 100m
5 Power Snatches

Photo by @robcwilson

Wodapalooza is underway and after Day 1 the leaders are:

  • Elite Men – Patrick Vellner
  • Elite Women – Tia Clair Toomey (with Kristin Holte right behind her)
  • Elite Teams – CrossFit Mayhem…. wait, no it’s Team ROMWOD/WIT made up of four prior Games athletes Alec Smith, Jess Griffith, Cody Mooney, and Jamie Greene.  Mayhem Freedom is way down in a tie for 6th after a pretty poor day 1 (there are only 13 teams competing).

Kristin Holte Leads Wodapalooza After Event 2
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