Pricing Updates

Since we have been an Affiliate since 2009 we have never increased our prices. In fact we lowered them once several years ago. Over these past 7 years we have been impacted by increased operating costs annually; seeing rises in everything from our utilities, software processing and transaction fees, building association dues, license fees, retail merchandise product and shipping costs, equipment costs, tax rates, and much, much more. Each year we have made the conscious decision to keep our pricing the same and instead absorbed these costs into our monthly operating costs. We have watched as every other CrossFit Affiliate around us has raised their fees and local fitness centers and personal trainers have adjusted their pricing upwards year after year. We can’t continue to absorb these costs to our bottom line.
Beginning with our March 2016 Dues billing cycle we are implementing a small increase to our monthly membership rates of $9 for each type of membership. This is the very least amount we could increase that helps offset the increases in our operating costs. It keeps us both competitive and yet still below the local competition.
You will see this change go into effect for your March period dues, and depending on when those bill you may see the change in your Feb. billing cycle (our dues are payment for the next 30 day cycle).
We’d like to thank you for choosing SnoRidge CrossFit. Each and every one of you are what makes up our unique community. All of you help keep our doors open to provide a fun place to train and improve our health. We hope to continue that for many more years to come.

Black Friday 40% Off Deal for OnRamp!

Click here to buy.

  1. Select “Contracts/Packages”
  2. Select “Black Friday 40% Off Special: OnRamp Package”
  3. Select “Make Purchase”

OnRamp price is $70 off our normal package pricing. ($105 plus tax vs. $175 plus tax)
Active now: For Black Friday we are running a one time only 40% Discount Deal on our OnRamp (Friday 11/28 through Saturday AM 11/29)! This is the first time we have ever offered a deal on OnRamp like this. If you or anyone you know is ready to start with us here at SnoRidge CrossFit but is on the fence then this is the time to commit. Purchase an OnRamp Package that is only available during the limited timeframe through MindBody Online and complete your OnRamp with us between Jan. 1, 2015 and Mar. 31, 2015. This package is only for our general OnRamp that is run each month for 6 days during the first two weeks of the month. You must attend one of our OnRamp sessions beginning in Jan, Feb, or March.  (Good Jan. 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2015. Expires 3/31/2015. Does not apply for Private Training OnRamp.) Non-refundable.
This makes a great gift for a friend, family, spouse, or significant other!  3-2-1 Go!

November OnRamp

Contact us if you are interested in starting in November.
We run our On Ramp classes every month starting on the first Tuesday.  There are 6 classes that build off each other and focus on coaching the fundamentals and sound technique. We take our OnRamp seriously and believe these classes are essential to your success in starting CrossFit safely and beneficial to all athletes regardless of fitness level.  They are held Tues/Thurs at 7 pm and Saturdays at 8:30 am and run 1 hour to 1 hr 15 min. 
Cost includes the remaining two weeks of the month unlimited membership for you to come in as often as you can and get a true feel for CrossFit, our gym, and our community. You will also receive a Whole9 Nutrition Guide.  Contact us at to register!
For more info on signing up go here: Getting Started: Complete our OnRamp
November On Ramp dates are:
·    Tuesday 11/4 at 7pm
·    Thursday 11/26 at 7pm
·    Saturday 11/8 at 8:30am
·    Tuesday 11/11 at 7pm
·    Thursday 11/13 at 7pm
·    Saturday 11/15 at 8:30am

Workout Motivation

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