“Stop the Slop Challenge” 2016 Winner

SnoRidge CrossFit_Wall Ball_LisaAlt EMOM 10 mins: Squat Snatches and Double Unders

Every 1 min for 10 mins, alternating between:
3 Squat Snatches, pick load
25 Double Unders
Not touch and go. Scale DU to number of DU you can accomplish within timeframe or do 25 Single Unders.

AMRAP 12 mins: Power Snatches, Wall Balls and AbMat Sit-ups

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:
5 Power Snatches (135#/95#)
10 Wall Balls
15 AbMat Sit-ups


SnoRidge CrossFit_AbMat Sit-Up

Photos by @robcwilson

2016 Stop the Slop Challenge results are in:

The Performance Challenge AND the Nutrition Challenge winner is Michael M. (pictured above) with a 24.1% time improvement in the “Stop the Slop 4.0” Performance WOD. He PR’d by 3 minutes and 51 seconds in the retest! It was very close race (or WOD) to the top spot. Michael also won the Nutrition Challenge with 4.7% change in bodyweight over the course of the 30 day challenge. That’s a change of 8.4 lbs. lost in 30 days! This challenge was also close as there was one person right behind him by less than 0.5% difference.

Here’s the crazy thing. Michael really didn’t make much of a diet change other than to cut back significantly on his sugar and refined sugar intake. By avoiding bars, sweets and anything with sugar on the label everyday he dropped weight; which in turn drove a performance improvement. Dialing in your nutrition further to balancing your macronutrients (Fat, Protein, Carbs) and eating clean sources of those would yield even better results. Nutrition is the key to truly changing body composition and athletic performance.

Runner Up for the Performance Challenge:

  • 2nd Place: Raquel (198 seconds/21.7% improvement)

Runner Up for the Nutrition Challenge:

  • 2nd Place: Lou D. (10 lbs. lost/4.3% improvement)

For winning both challenges Michael will receive the following prize package:

  1. $200
  2. A choice of 2 Bags of Xendurance Extreme Endurance or SFH Protein or Push
  3. Choice of (1) SRCF Short Sleeve T-shirt or SRCF hat or SRCF Socks

Congrats and shout outs to everyone who participated in our 6th annual challenge. Whether you won a prize or not; the point of this 30 days was to clean up the nutrition, dial in your workout performance and consistency, and have a goal to work towards. Make those changes that helped you get healthier permanent!


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